View Full Version : Bowl Game Player Watch 12/28

12-28-2005, 01:07 PM
With the NFL season winding down, and only 121 days until the 2006 NFL draft, I thought I'd give a heads up for players to watch in the bowl games of the next week. I'll try and stick with guys that are potential first day prospects, and I'll probably miss a few or over-rate a few. A lot of my scouting reports are vultured off of other sites, with some of my own observations of those I've seen play.

There are two games being played today.

Boston College vs. Boise State 3:30 CDT

1. Mathias Kiwanuka, Pass rushing DE. A bit light for an all around DE, but great at getting to the QB. He'll be gone when we draft in rnd 1.
2. Jeremy Trueblood, OT. He's probably only RT material in the Pros due to weakness in footwork. Probably wouldn't fit well in our zone blocking running scheme. Late 2nd - late 3rd.
3. Will Blackmon, CB. Better in man than zone. Played WR for BC this year, but will be a CB/KR in the pros. Decent speed and sure tackler, and would make an excellent depth/ST player. Likely early 3rd.

Boise State:
1. Daryn Colledge, OT. Great athlete, but a little light for the pros. Fundamentally sound, with a frame that fits the prototypical pro OT. Strength is pass blocking. Late 2nd - late 3rd, probably ahead of Trueblood.

Michigan vs. Nebraska 7:00 PM CDT

1. Gabe Watson, DT. Monsterous DT that can blow up double teams, collapse the pocket, and stuff the run. Would be a good NT candidate in a 3-4. Questionable motivation/dedication. Should go in rnd 2.
2. Jason Avant, WR. Good size and hands, but average speed. Probably no more than a #2 or possesion receiver in the pros, but could be very solid starter in the proper role.

1. Daniel Bullocks, S. Good size, smarts, and leadership. Sammy Knight like player that will be vulnerable in coverage but can make plays. Will need intangibles to surface to be an impact NFL safety. Late 2nd - late 3rd.