View Full Version : Is Peterson pulling a switcheroo...?

KC Kings
12-30-2005, 02:56 PM
Back in 2003, Carl went against the wishes of his head coach and drafted a RB in the first round with Larry Johnson. He said he did it for insurance in case Priest couldn't come back, but everybody knew it was to provide leverage in Priest's upcoming contract reneging. If he had a first round RB rookie, he could tell Priest to STFU and STFD if he got too greedy during renegotiations.

Presently we have Priest Holmes who has established himself not only as premiere running back, but more importantly an injury prone running back. He is seeing specialist after specialist concerning his most recent injury, it is becoming more likely that he will never play again.

Last week Carl announced that he thought that Priest would be back. Is there any chance that Priest is coming back, or is Carl just positioning himself for dealing with contract renegotiations with LJ. LJ hasnít said anything to the media about wanting a new contract, but the guy is only going to make 741K next year, which isnít much for a Pro-Bowl RB. He isnít happy with the media, said the KC wasnít ďhip hopĒ enough for him, and still remembers being belittled by his head coach in front of the whole world. Will Larry ask for a new contract and is Carl only keeping hopes of Priest alive to keep LJís value as low as possible?