View Full Version : Morris fumbles....Kowski Wins !!!

Ugly Duck
10-15-2000, 02:15 PM
Battle of the 1st round picks - Kowski comes through after SloMo coughs it up. Raiders punk KC at Arrowhead for second straight win against the Evil Red. The 5-1 Raiders take their division-leading record against Seattle and San Diego as the Chiefs face the Rams. See you in a few weeks at Oakland. Oh happy day as the forces of good prevail against the Evil Ones!!

10-15-2000, 02:16 PM
Give it up duck!!!

SLyMo's knee WAS DOWN!!

Jano, still a stupid pick. whoo hooo he finally make one over 35 yards. Yea thats something to write home about.

10-15-2000, 02:20 PM
Congrats on the win Duck. That is all I'm going to say about it.

Red and Gold Mania
10-15-2000, 02:23 PM
Yeah me too.

Congrats on the win. They made the plays, we didn't.

Man, it is not that they lose - it is the WAY they lose. I am sick to my stomach.
And the ****ing internet connection kept on breaking when it was most exciting.******* .

10-15-2000, 02:35 PM
Duck - As much as I hate complaints about bad calls, and I will never post that we lost because of one... that was not a fumble.

Congrats and here's to the next meeting.

10-15-2000, 02:36 PM
Props to your team, they played a good game. I beg to differ witcha on that 'forces of good vs forces of evil' thing. Afraid you got it backwards, the good guys lost today. <P>

10-15-2000, 02:38 PM
faiduhs win...congrats....crow tastes like $HIT!!!!!!!!!

his knee was down....I didn't know Al Davis' brothers were refs?

10-15-2000, 02:42 PM
Congrats on a big road/come from behind win. Man, our D respected Gannon's scrambling way too much! Dropping our LBs back 15 yards on every play and conceding the underneath stuff was painful to watch. Death by one thousand cuts!


10-15-2000, 02:45 PM
Quote of the day... Gruden - "this was Gannon's best day as a QB since he came to Oakland". WTF! That is as good as he gets, how pitiful is that?

10-15-2000, 04:15 PM
It was pitiful enough to win by three points... pitiful enough for a second consecutive victory at Pinhead Stadium... pitifull enough to go 2 game up in the division...

I'll take pitiful and winning, thank you very much...

10-15-2000, 04:19 PM
Raidercorporate - Talk to us about our stadium when you can sell out a game without microsofts help.

10-15-2000, 04:23 PM
Whatever you say, Morphius... Selling out the stadium had a lot to do with the chiefs victory today... didn't it?

10-15-2000, 04:28 PM
You can talk about the loss, but your crwod didn't help you much against Denver either, and maybe now you can sell out a game.

10-15-2000, 04:32 PM
Congratulations, Ugly Duck. Beating us two straight at Arrowhead is an impressive feat.

10-15-2000, 04:34 PM
Morphius, you're the one who mentioned a sold out stadium as if it mattered. You want to discuss the loss - fine, but discuss it with someone else. For me it's already done and you don't matter anymore for another few weeks.

I admit, though, it is sort of fun watching many of you guys bellyache about this game...

Ugly Duck
10-15-2000, 06:46 PM
Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. I wish you guys weren't so gracious about such a painful loss. You're giving Chiefs fans a good name.

Hey, C'mon about the Gannon thing. He played a solid game today, only 5 incompletions, 28 of 33 for 240 odd yards. Scrambled for a big first down from the KC ten. The guy was a rock today in an environment as hostile as it gets. His performance was not "pitiful."

Wanna know a secret? I was sweating bullets when Kowski went up to kick on 3rd down. But now all is forgiven! Great game you guys - a thriller to the end! The 90s are over - now its Raiders, Broncos, Chiefs! Long live the AFC rivalrys!

10-15-2000, 07:13 PM
Congrats U.D.
The Raiders were the better team today. We'll get ya next time.


Red Eyes
Chinn Up.

[b]The SitCom must die!!</B>

10-15-2000, 07:35 PM
Fumble or not, that was one hell of a play by Morris. Effort like that to pick up the 1st down is what will make this team a championship team one day!

Ugly Duck
10-15-2000, 09:16 PM
SloMo actually made a great catch - I give hime credit for a nice play. It was also a great play by CWood to reach his hand underneath and pull the ball out. Everyone on the coast sez it was coming out before his knee was down. I'm sure most folks in KC saw his knee down before he lost control. Those are two future stars and I predict that this won't be the only spectacular block-buster play that they will share.

10-15-2000, 09:19 PM
Duck - Watch it really closely. You will see that the ball moves and then it doesn't again until the nose of the ball hits the ground. No way is that a fumble.

10-15-2000, 09:19 PM
In fact if you watch his hand is under the ball when he hits the ground.

Ugly Duck
10-15-2000, 09:44 PM
I think the refs were saying that after the ball "moved", SloMo no longer had control of it. I'll admit - it was pretty dang close. Hey - here's some stats from Sportingnews:

Rushing 1st downs: Oak 10, KC 3
Passing 1st downs: KC 16, Oak 13
Rushing yards: Oak 33-161, KC 19-58
Average per rush: Oak 4.9, KC 3.1
Comp-Attmpt: Oak 28-33, KC 23-40
Net Passing Yards: KC 274, Oak 230
Average per pass: Oak 6.8, KC 6.5

I don't get it. The Chiefs had fewer completions (KC 23, Oak 28) but more yards (KC 274, Oak 230). So why does SportingNews then say that the Chiefs average per pass play is less (6.5) than Oakland's (6.8)? I'm missing something here....<P>

Bob Dole
10-15-2000, 09:50 PM
Doesn't make any sense, does it?

Looks like maybe they subtracted yards lost to sack and divided by attempts rather than completions or something.

Bob Dole looked at the NFL.com stats earlier and they showed no sacks at all and no fumbles lost. Go figure.

Ugly Duck
10-15-2000, 10:24 PM
Here's some more interesting stats from CNN. Looks like the Raiders won playing old-fashioned Chiefs football. The average gain per play for both teams was the same. But the Raiders played ball-control, so they ended up with more plays and TOP advantage.

Total Net Yards Oak-391 KC-346
Total plays Oak-68 KC-60
Average gain Oak-5.8 KC-5.8
Time Of Possession Oak-34:01 KC-25:59 <BR>

10-15-2000, 10:27 PM
UD - We played ball control in the third quater, what didn't notice it, that's OK neither did we.

Just stating how sad it really is.

Ugly Duck
10-16-2000, 01:26 AM
Morph - No, I didn't notice that. But I did notice that you guys only had 123 yards in total offense in the second half, and didn't score. And Gonzo, who nabbed 6 catches for 78 yards in the first half, only had 1 catch for 22 yards in the second. I don't know what happened, was it the Raider D figuring out how to stop you guys? Or was it your ball-control game not firing on all cylinders? <BR>

10-16-2000, 02:13 AM
Fumble or no fumble???
At our little football get together today we had 2 RAIDER fans, 8 Niner fans, and 6 Donk fans.... The non Raider fans were pulling REAL hard for KC, but to a person, every one thought it was a fumble...
My friend has a 60 some inch projection TV and played it back and forth... it looked like a good call to me.

10-16-2000, 07:02 AM

My first thoughts after the game were that it was a good football game, your #1 beat our #1, we both have VERY good teams, and "I can't believe we lost to the Raiders".

Congrats on a good win.

i still think we'll split the series...<BR>

10-16-2000, 07:46 AM
UD - It was a little of both, in the third quarter. I saw the replays last night, every time we had 2 backs we ran, everytime we had 1 we passed. Had to make it fairly predictable for the D. Seattle is the only game where we were able to have good control of the clock and the game, they were not able to stop us. Yesterday the Raiders were able to stop us the second half, even when we were trying to score in the forth. I hope that makes some sense as to how I saw it.

10-16-2000, 07:53 AM
Damn, that stung. I have to give props to that fat piece of s### Janikowski, and that Wheatley. You should be giving credit to our defense in the 2nd half. Good game... congrats...grrrrrr***** http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif