View Full Version : The next coach for the Chiefs should be ....

01-01-2006, 03:46 PM
Al Saunders, Herm Edwards, or someone else?

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Al Saunders: Offensive Coordinator of the Chiefs

Bio: well hell we already know, but just to be complete: he has coached football in some fashion or level for 36 seasons, including 23 years in the NFL. His experience as an NFL head coach was very limited and unsuccessful, but as an offensive coordinator, he has engineered the NFL's most successful offense in KC over the last 4 seasons, and helped revitalise the St. Louis Rams offense as an associate coach before that.

<img src="http://sportsmed.starwave.com/i/media/nfl/2003/0925/photo/a_edwards_i.jpg" height="200" width="150">

Herm Edwards: Head Coach of the New York Jets

Bio: After his NFL career, he started coaching Defensive backs for San Jose State in 1987. A few years later, he joined the Kansas City Chiefs in various roles for 6 seasons before moving on to a successful career in Tampa Bay and New York.

In New York, Herm Edwards took an overlooked franchise and turned them around, guiding the Jets to the playoffs 3 times in 4 years. He was the first coach to have ever accomplished this feat as a Jet, before a mass of injuries caused his team to fall into a dismal season this year, and out of favor with the fickle New York media and fanbase. Currently, it is unknown whether the Jets would actually release Herm Edwards, but it is thought that he definitely wants out of New York.