View Full Version : Thoughts on the season

64 Chief
01-01-2006, 04:47 PM
1 This was a very good but not an elite team.

2 Larry Johnson is a beast. Could be the second coming of Jim Brown.

3 Two wins over the Raiders is worth big smiles.

4 The dive to beat the Raiders was outstanding.

5 Beating Miami on a Friday night showed great character.

6 Losing to Philly at home was early serious evidence we were not a playoff team.

7 Losing a player the caliber of Priest and yet the team still played well deserves kudos.

8 This was an exciting year. Thank you Lamar, Carl, Dick, Al, Gunther, Will, Willie, Trent, Tony and the whole team and organization. Looking forward to next season.

9 Arrowhead is a very special place on game day.

10 At the end of the Dallas game, my wife heard the loudest scream ever from me.