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Mr. Laz
01-03-2006, 08:32 PM
Carl "Welcome Al, come in ... sit down"

Al "Thank you sir, how are you"

Carl "fine, i hear you have some interviews with some other teams lined up."

Al "Yes, a few ... it's very flattering to receive all this interest"

Carl "Good,Good ... i have a few questions"

Al "yes sir ... I'll do my best to answer them"

Carl "If we were to promote you to Head Coach would you keep Gunther Cunningham on as your Defensive Coordinator?"

Al "Well ... I don't know, over the years have gathered quite a bit of information about coaches i would like to work with. I have files on these coaches and have develop my own list about who i want to interview for my staff"

Carl "So Gunther is not on that list?"

Al "No sir, not really ... i ..."

Carl "Thanks for stopping by Al ... good luck with those interviews"

Al "Err ... i ... but"

Carl "we'll keep in touch ... good day"

end transcript

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That is too funny!