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siberian khatru
01-04-2006, 10:56 PM
Some funny stuff from Jets fans. Guess we better prepare ourselves:


I am pleased to announce on this date, Tuesday - November 8, 2005, the establishment of "The Official Herman Edwards Library" (TOHEL). TOHEL is a non-profit organization devoted to the discovery and compilation of "Hermanisms." As you all are aware, "Hermanisms" are those wonderful little metaphors spontaneously uttered by Coach Edwards at press conferences when posed with difficult questions, or during interviews, to illustrate his powerful motivational skills. In many ways, we have all been touched in our lives by "Hermanisms." Who here does not "play to win the game" when competing in friendly sporting events? Would any of us dare to leave corners unswept when spring-cleaning the garage?


Some highlights:

Entry #1: "You play to win the game."

Entry #2: "Any drive that ends in a kick is good."

Entry 4 - He made some throws. Y’know, he made some throws. And that’s what you have to be able to do at quarterback. You gotta make the throws.

entry #10: he says "obviously" and "all of a sudden" at least 5 times in each press conference. [reminds me of Marty always starting sentences with "Quite frankly ..." and then saying something so blandly innocuous there was nothing "frank" about it.]

entry 12: On ever catching a chicken…

"No, got a lot of dirt in my face. I'd come home, my dad said, "I know where you been. You get him?" "

"I ain't got him yet, Dad."

"Just keep trying, son. Maybe one day you'll get him." That's what you do.

On the chicken analogy…

"I know what y'all are going to write, don't do that. I probably shouldn't have used that analogy. I'll get in trouble for it, and I'm going to apologize to Michael Vick because I'm not calling him a chicken at all."

Hammock Parties
01-04-2006, 11:00 PM
Herm is a nutcase.

I guess if we can't get a good head coach, we can at least get one that is entertaining.