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01-05-2006, 04:59 AM
Since there aren't many articles about this guy out there... here's something.


Rivera also coordinating interviews

January 5, 2006

BY BRAD BIGGS Staff Reporter Advertisement

Ron Rivera has been able to polish his interviewing materials the last few days -- charts, graphics and other slick "hire me'' tools -- but the main thing he wants to do is sell himself.

The Bears' defensive coordinator will interview with the St. Louis Rams in the next two days, the Green Bay Packers have received permission to meet with him and it is believed a third team entered the equation Wednesday.

"Everybody [brings interviewing material],'' Rivera said after practice, when there were more questions regarding his future than the Bears' playoff preparations. "The truth of the matter is the book is great. It's going to have the ideas, philosophies and all the paperwork that everybody else has. When you do come in, it's about selling you and who you are. That's most important. I'm very proud of the person that I am. So when I get up there for the interview, I'm going to be myself.

"I'm going to most certainly sell me, and at the same time, I'm going to sell the fact that I'm here in a system that has been very successful in a very short time and if that's attractive, I feel very confident about my opportunities.''

Interested teams must interview Rivera in Chicago this week, then are prohibited from contacting him or offering him a job until the Bears' season is over.

"I plan to enjoy this opportunity,'' Rivera said, "and at the same time, I plan to enjoy the opportunity we have right now, and that's the playoffs.''

The third team in the picture could be one of two division foes, Detroit or Minnesota. Vikings officials were in Indianapolis on Wednesday, meeting with Colts assistant head coach Jim Caldwell. Rivera was not believed to be on the Vikings' short list Tuesday. They already have met with Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress.

Lions president Matt Millen is 0-for-2 with offensive coaches after hiring and firing Marty Mornhinweg and Steve Mariucci. Millen, a former linebacker, thinks defensive players are tougher and might be intrigued by a disciplinarian such as Rivera. Millen has said he wants the Lions to be tougher, and Rivera certainly would deliver that.

The Lions will interview former Bears linebacker Mike Singletary and are reported to have interest in speaking with former New Orleans Saints coach Jim Haslett, Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Al Saunders and Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak, with whom the Houston Texans have requested to interview. Rivera is not believed to be on the Texans' list.

Asked if he was most like a certain coach he has worked with or played for, Rivera said he prefers to think he has taken a little bit from a lot of people.

"I've been involved with a lot of good coaches,'' he said. "If there's somebody I at one point tried to emulate, it was Dave McGinnis. I spent seven years with him, so I'm relatively close with coach McGinnis.

"When you're around a guy like Lovie Smith, too, there's a lot to learn, and in two years, I've learned an awful lot from being around Coach. He's been another tremendous influence and has had a great impact. Being around Andy Reid, there's another guy that, just the way he does things, has had a tremendous impact on my life, as well.''

If Rivera leaves, Smith might consider linebackers coach Bob Babich to replace him as coordinator. Babich followed Smith from St. Louis, and their relationship dates back 20 years to the coaching staff at Tulsa.