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01-09-2006, 02:12 AM

Edwards hiring is expected today

The Kansas City Star

Lamar Hunt is bogged down with meetings today but plans to be in Kansas City. Chiefs president/general manager Carl Peterson, no doubt jetlagged from a week’s worth of traveling, will be around, too.

The Chiefs’ one-week search is expected to end today with the announcement of Herman Edwards as the franchise’s 10th head coach. Details on Edwards’ deal were still being made final Sunday, and his agent, Gary O’Hagan, said Edwards had yet to sign a contract.

Various reports over the weekend had Edwards’ deal ranging from a five-year package worth $20 million to ESPN’s report Sunday of a four-year agreement worth $12 million. A source close to the situation said Sunday that the $20 million figure was “too high.”

Hunt, the Chiefs’ owner, was home in Dallas on Sunday but planned to make the trek for Edwards’ news conference, which hadn’t been set as of Sunday night. In New York, an afternoon news conference is scheduled for today to discuss Edwards’ departure and the team’s plans for a replacement.

Today marks a homecoming for Edwards, who joined the Chiefs in 1989 as a recipient of an NFL minority coaching fellowship, worked as a scout and then became the defensive-backs coach in 1992.

Edwards, according to the NFL, would be the first minority coaching fellowship recipient who became head coach of the team with which he served his fellowship. Since the inception of the program in 1987, about 1,100 coaches have gone through the program.

“I don’t want to say I’m any soothsayer or predictor of people’s careers,” Hunt said. “Certainly he has the type of personality, a leadership type of personality that I think is probably important to any leadership role such as a head coach. He knows the game.”

Today ends a whirlwind 10 days from Kansas City to New York. On New Year’s Eve, Dick Vermeil gave an emotional team speech and told the Chiefs he was retiring. Then the speculation intensified. Edwards’ name had popped up as Vermeil’s successor for about two months, and by Wednesday, the Chiefs were negotiating a compensation deal with New York. They eventually settled on a fourth-round draft pick.

Edwards and Peterson, according to a source close to the situation, met in Philadelphia on Saturday. On Sunday, O’Hagan and the Chiefs were scurrying to finish the deal.

Also Sunday, Tampa Bay defensive-line coach Rod Marinelli shot down a rumor that he was headed to Kansas City to become the Chiefs’ new defensive coordinator. Marinelli, who worked with Edwards at Tampa Bay in the late 1990s, said he hasn’t talked with Edwards since the Chiefs negotiations began.

Edwards, who’s been out of sight since he cleaned out his office in New York on Thursday, was unavailable for comment Sunday. Barring any traveling or administrative problems, he will sign his contract sometime today and a news conference will follow in the afternoon.