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01-09-2006, 08:08 AM
DC - Rod Marinelli (I didn't realize Herm coached with him). Can't ignore what he's been apart of in TB. Could have a huge impact on Sims.

Def line coach - Denny Marcin (brought over from Jets)
Assis D-Line coach - Carl Hairston (Holdover from Chiefs played with Edwards in Philly)

LB Coach - Bob Sutton (brought over from Jets)

Assis LB Coach - Mike Maslowski (Carl convinces Herm to add him to the staff)

DB Coach - Donnie Henderson (if he doesn't get a HC or DC job - brought over from Jets)
OR Jerry Gray (if Henderson not available - Bills DC - if he doesn't get a HC or DC job )
OR Corwin Brown (brought over from Jets if Henderson or Gray aren't available)

Assis DB Coach - Kevin Ross (Assis DB coach with Vikings who now have a new HC - also former Chief star when Herm was DB coach in KC)

Now here's my take on the offensive staff:

I debated back and forth on Terry Shea vs Norv Turner for OC. In the end I came down to this, each OC runs their own version of this offense. Shea is the most familiar with Shea's, so I say Shea gets the OC gig. Yes he failed in Chicago, but only got 1 year to run it. Remember how long it took our WRs to catch on to it? Double that for a QB. Our offense did ok in spite of our WRs because Green new the system. Grossman struggled and the team struggled with the shifts.

OC - Terry Shea

O-Line Coach - Mike Solari (after receiving an OC salary)
Assis O-Line Coach - Irv Eatman (retained)

RBs - James Saxon (retained)

WRs - Charlie Joiner (retained)

QBs - John Ramsdell (Current Rams QB Coach could be in for a change with new HC coming)

OK. Fire away, but please be gentle.

01-09-2006, 08:15 AM
Do you think that Henderson would take a demotion? I would bet he would be the DC if he comes here at all.

I like the rest.