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Clint in Wichita
10-19-2000, 11:44 AM
this looks horrible in writing:

Only Jacksonville is in the same ballpark with us.

10-19-2000, 11:57 AM
A lot of that is that 20 mill bonus due to Grbac. I'm confident it will get restructured.

10-19-2000, 12:00 PM
$97 million and no Super Bowl? What the @#$# are we doing?! http://www.ChiefsPlanet.com/ubb/mad.gif<BR>

10-19-2000, 12:15 PM
I thought it was $10M roster bonus. Does this count against the cap? Looking at that 97Million, I sure as hell hope so!

[b]Give TRich the Ball!!!</B>

10-19-2000, 12:27 PM
Could someone explain to me how in the hell the Chiefs are so far over the projected salary cap?

How did they get into such trouble without getting some really great players? Shouldn't they be a mildly successfull team over the last 4 years with that payroll?

10-19-2000, 12:45 PM
4 guys are not helping this number: Elvis, McGlockton, Williams and Gray.

Remember, we were supposed to be $20 million over the cap before this previous offseason. IMO, we shouldn't be in as bad of a shape as that shows.

10-19-2000, 12:56 PM
Everyone keeps throwing Gray's name around as expensive. The dude restructured in February. He's making right around veteran minimum.<P>

10-19-2000, 01:08 PM
Looks like Washington is in much better shape than we are cap wise. I guess they aren't mortgaging their future to win now as many have stated.

10-19-2000, 01:14 PM
THIS year, NJ. I'll bet their 'contract commitments' for a few years out are MUCH higher.

10-19-2000, 01:16 PM

Washington gave up a load of back-loaded contracts, so they won't really feel the pinch until 2003 I think. Anyway, half of their new signees will probably have been cut and be drawing a pension by then! Also, there is due to be a new collective bargaining agreement installed by the time their cap-number hits the roof, so that might ease their burden further.