View Full Version : Football fans in heaven?

01-18-2006, 03:13 PM
So, three male football fans all die in a plane crash and go to heaven. One was a Broncos fan, one a Raider fan and the other a Chiefs fan. They talk to St. Peter and find out that if any of them have an impure thought, their wings would fall off and they would drop to hell. Well, they all thought that it should be a fairly easy rule to follow until they notice that everyone in heaven is nude.

So there was the Chiefs fan trying so hard not to think anything impure until a beautiful girl walked right by him.... "Poof" wings gone, off to hell. A little while later, the raider fan was drunk (of course) and a little hottie walked by, "Poof" off they go. Quickly he bent over to pick them up and what happens? "Poof!"
The Broncos fan lost his wings and dropped to hell.


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