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01-19-2006, 03:39 AM
Coke ads to kick off Super Bowl with pregame show
By Theresa Howard, USA TODAY



NEW YORK — Coca-Cola is back at the Super Bowl — sort of.

Rival Pepsi-Cola, which has two minutes of ad time in the game Feb. 5 on ABC, has had the Super Bowl to itself for eight years. Coke still didn't spring for in-game ads this year, but is paying to make its Full Throttle energy drink the primary sponsor of the last 30 minutes of pre-game programming before the coin toss.

The Full Throttle Kickoff Show will include three ads for the drink Coke hopes can take sales from top-selling Red Bull, as well as PepsiCo's Mountain Dew Amp. The first national push for the brand is part of Coke's strategy to make a bigger marketing splash in 2006 and to capture more of the growth in non-traditional soft drinks.

"The competition was Coke vs. Pepsi 10 years ago," says Alison Lewis, Coke's senior vice president of integrated marketing. "Our business has evolved over the past 10 years, and with that evolution, we have entered into new categories."

Energy drinks, with caffeine and additives such as ginseng, are among the hottest. Red Bull leads with a 47% share built with grass-roots promotion. Year-old Full Throttle has 7%.

A 60-second Super Sunday ad plays off Full Throttle's 16-ounce can — double the size of a Red Bull can. In the ad, a Full Throttle semi plows through neighborhoods recruiting manly men from humdrum lives. At the close, it pushes Red Bull's signature silver-and-white truck off the road. Tagline: Let Your Man Out.

Coke passed on spending $2.5 million per 30 seconds in the game. For about half that, it got its name on the kickoff show, plus 2.5 minutes of pre-game ad time. It'll use some for two ads for Vault, another new drink, elsewhere in ABC's 3.5 hours of pre-game shows.

Other Super Bowl ad highlights:

•Cheesy pre-game ads. Ten Pizza Hut ads launch its Cheesy Bites pizza with crust pinched into 28 cheese-filled bites. Jessica Simpson and Miss Piggy sing "These bites were made for popping."

"It's a huge showcase, but it's also a huge occasion for ordering," says chief marketer Tom James.

•They're baaack. Big returns led rookies Career Builder and Emerald Nuts to buy game ads again.

Career Builder brings back its office chimps in two ads after commercials last year helped boost first-quarter revenue 88%.

Emerald Nuts saw sales jump 56%, says Michael Mendes, president. In this year's 30-second ad, characters play a letters game.

•No sweat. An ad last year helped deodorant Degree for Men grow the year's sales 35%, says Kevin George, marketing head for Unilever deodorants. Degree returns with a funny take on the exciting everyday lives of men living in "Stunt" city. "Big brands do big things," says George. "That's what Super Bowl is all about."

•Language hybrid. Toyota touts its hybrid Camry in a bilingual ad. A Hispanic father explains how the car switches between gas and electric power. The son compares it with his dad's switch between English and Spanish.

•Two firsts. Nationwide Insurance makes its national and Super Bowl ad debuts with Fabio in an ad about how fast life can change.