View Full Version : Who's going to be our 1st rounder?

01-23-2006, 11:40 AM
i know it's early, and before the combine, no one really has good idea of where everyone is going to fall, but im bored and interested in where we might go. Of all these mock drafts out there, im seeing Kiwanuka falling sometimes past us. I think if that guy falls to us, then he is a must. I'm not the biggest Eric Hicks fan, i think that guy should be a back-up, if that. I know we need a receiver, i know we need to get a good tackle and a gaurd to prepare for the loss of shields and roaf, but i would like to see herm start building a defense. I know it's the oldest cliche in the book, but every team that was playing on championship sunday, all had great defenses. im tired of us scoring 30 and losing. i yearn for the days that we score 17 and win. Anyways, everything ive said is just a lot of stating the obvious and beating a dead horse, but like i said, im bored and felt i needed to vent.