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Tribal Warfare
01-25-2006, 08:13 PM

Ultra Peanut
01-25-2006, 08:36 PM
A stiff wind tore through the stadium this morning, and was affecting the quarterbacks; this gave the scouts a good chance to measure arm strength under tougher conditions. I didn't catch what the actual wind MPH was but it was to the point where the kicker #32 Stephen Gostkowski hit 3 times from 57 yards with the wind at his back but only 2 of 3 from 43 yards going into the wind.Go Gotti. He went from going 1-of-8 on field goals as a high school senior to becoming an absolutely great, clutch college kicker.

#20 Deangelo Williams has been putting on a clinic in Mobile. Today he was doing the jitterbug all over the field and it's a pleasure to watch. His anticipation, vision and ability to find odd cutback angles are uncanny - and he's not doing this against bums - he's making very good defenders grab air with consistency. The fact that he measured in a couple inches short is not really an issue, at least it's not one for me. He's an elite talent and solidly so. In other news, water is wet.