View Full Version : Kurt, What Was That About Cheap Hits?

10-22-2000, 01:05 PM
I wanted to post this before the end of the game, so that no one could say the score was the affect of this post.

Kurt Surber, two days ago you complained about the cheap hits on Warner - and I realize you could make an argument on Eric Hicks half step into Warner. But watching a player hold Gonzalez on the ground by his neck after the first KC offensive play and the roll of Faulk accidently(?) into Hicks leg, I would say your team has some of their own Cheap thrill artists.

Puttin' on my game face!

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Kurt Surber
10-22-2000, 08:35 PM
Russ-Listen close. I did not complain about cheap shots on Warner. I DID respond to Bob Doles post about it and simply said that I had watched every game and I thought that there might be some merit to it. (Tackling his knees etc.) That's all. I will repeat, I DID NOT complain, I did not bring it up.

Now, on Hicks, I don't really think that Faulk did that on purpose, not sure he could have if he had wanted to. However, I do know that two plays earlier I saw Faulk telling Wesley (I think it was) that he was gonna get retaliation for a cheap shot that Wesley took on a Ram.

Frankly, I enjoyed this game less than any that I can remember. Here is why; Hicks going out (that looked like a bad one and seeing a 7' 300 pound man laying there crying has an effect on you,) Warner going out, the Rams being flat, for no reason, to start the game (AGAIN!) Bad call on Elvis' fumble, cheap shots, trash talk, multiple other injuries.

I was simply looking forward to a game where both teams were on their game, no penalties, no stupid turnovers, no bad injuries and no blown calls. That just didn't happen. Now, just so you don't accuse me of not being objective, check the thread I am about to start..........Peace!

10-22-2000, 08:52 PM
Kurt, Fair enough, and my apologies; however, What about the hold on Gonzalez' throat? If someone were doing that to Warner, I can guarantee another cry would have been issued to the commissioner this week.

Kurt Surber
10-22-2000, 08:59 PM
Yep, I didn't like that either. Rams D=Lots of bark and NO bite. In a word (or 2)...........THEY SUCK! I had never said that this year because I really believed that they would step up when they were forced to. NOT! THEY SUCK!

10-22-2000, 08:59 PM
Russ - Did you also see the guy sit on top of Maslowski's head and wouldn't get up, then another guy threw a punch at Mas while he was still on the ground and then a Rams player grabbed another Chiefs player by the face mask and after about 10 seconds the Chiefs player finally grabbed back since the officials couldn't break it up. I couldn't believe that not one flag was thrown on that series of events.