View Full Version : My wife has turned fanatic

10-23-2000, 11:12 AM
After living with me for close to 30 years my wife came out of her shell about being nuts about the Chiefs. (She is usually not a load or verbal person) We went to the Rams game, our first in 10 years. Living out of state makes it kind of tough not to mention expensive. Anyway, what a great time we had. We stood at out seats for 3 hours and never let up. Talked about it all the way home(6 hour drive). I have never been any place that was that loud and never seen anything like the 12th man on that day. It was fun seeing those die hard(so called best fans) leaving during the 3rd quarter. My wife said, the money spent was worth it and we will need to do it again, soon. Yahooooo