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Color Red
02-06-2006, 11:06 PM
My sentiments to former AFC West Seattle fans. It would have been far easier to get clobbered in the Super Bowl than to lose like they did. My observations:

1. Many didn't like that offensive interference call on the Seahawk touchdown that was called back. But that call was consistent with calls like it throughout the season. The basketball adage "no harm, no foul" doesn't apply in football. If they see you pushing off, they very often call it.

2. Problem with the Rothlisberger rushing touchdown that was reviewed is, it was called a touchdown by the ref on the field. Problem with the review rule is, it has to be unquestionable evidence. The naked eye on the replay did not show the ball crossing the plane, but it didn't need to. All the replay had to show was that the ball didn't obviously NOT cross the plane.

3. Replay of the Hasselback fumble showed it right, even though it appears the "hand" on Matt had little or nothing to do with him going down. Seattle fans could thank God for a harmless hand that appears on Matt's side or back. Otherwise, he fumbles that ball and they lose it.

4. With all due respect, how does Seattle let a half end like the first one in the Superbowl?

5. People who say the plays didn't affect the outcome are naive to the intricacies of momentum and play of high stakes football like the Superbowl. That's like saying if I hadn't met my wife at that party on such and such a night I would have met her somewhere else and we'd be together anyway. Ridiculous. That just may or may not be true.

An unsatisfying win for Pittsburgh, and a maddening loss for Seattle.

02-06-2006, 11:34 PM
Nice post, if late.

Just got in town for Al Lewis's funeral though....God, I hate New York.