View Full Version : $75.00 for 3rd level seats 50 yard line

10-23-2000, 08:49 PM
Well worth it,so far my third game at arrowhead this year.
Me and my better half had one hell of a time at the game yesterday.
$15 dollars for a ticket at the sandog game $30 for the faiders.
If you missed this game you missed a barn burner,it was so much fun watching St.louis fans exit in the 4th quarter and waving goodbye.I want to thank the KC chiefs for making my sunday! Get well Hicks soon

We interrupt this marriage to bring you the NFL season.

10-23-2000, 08:59 PM
Yeah the waving goodbye thing, wasn't that a hoot? LOL

I also got a lot of satisfaction at doing the chop for all the Rams fans returning to St Louis on I-70.

God I love this victory.