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10-24-2000, 09:24 AM
Just wanted to make everyone aware of the NFL's Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

On Tuesday, October 24th the NFL will donate $5 for every person that logs onto www.nfl.com (http://www.nfl.com) and then clicks on the "NFL for Her". The NFL will donate up to $50,000 to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Doesn't cost you a dime so I encourage everyone to participate if they have a minute.

Here is a direct link:
www.nfl.com/nflforher/index.html (http://www.nfl.com/nflforher/index.html)

10-24-2000, 09:28 AM
Nice post!

10-24-2000, 10:15 AM
To the top with this. I'm certain NFL.com already gets 10,000 hits per day but why not humor them. It's for a really good cause.

10-24-2000, 10:21 AM
Thanks KP, I wanted it brought to the top but didn't want anyone to think I was pushy.

My 45 year old sister-in-law just went through surgery to remove a breast and if you are like me it would be easy to pass this up if it didn't strike so close to home.

10-24-2000, 10:26 AM
Yeah, this one hits close for me, too. My uncle's wife ("aunt" but not by blood) had breast cancer, her mother died from it and her two sisters had it as well. Scary proposition to be a woman in that family....

I also lost a blood uncle to marrow cancer this year. We need to find a cure..

10-24-2000, 10:34 AM
Probably everyone on this board has had a loved one or friend face some form of cancer. In the past year, I have had a family member die of cancer, and my father is still fighting his as well.

This is a very worthy cause and any awareness that we can bring to this only aids the potential for a cure. It's time to flatten this disease just like we did to the Rams last Sunday.

10-24-2000, 12:02 PM
Just wanted to move this up one more time. C'mon people it only takes a minute and is a worthy cause.

10-24-2000, 12:17 PM
Just made my hit on the link, and wanted to move this up. I found out this weekend, my 35 yr old niece was diagnosed with this damn disease, though it was skin cancer. Please people, realize the sun can KILL you.

10-24-2000, 02:36 PM
To the top one last time.....

Thanks to all of those that participated.