View Full Version : Rookie impact for KC in 2006??

02-17-2006, 03:51 PM
I love the draft and draft talk as much as the next guy, but realistically there is a lot less impact from draftees than what you project or imagine should happen.

Knowing the history of the Chiefs, at what positions do you honestly feel a rookie can come in and upseat a starter in 2006 and be a full time starter, or part-time player?

For me:

DT - A first or second round pick could start and should definately be able to get in the rotation.

DE - Maybe a guy like Hali could start, otherwise your talking about a pass rush specialist like Kiwi or Tapp.

OLB - Can a rookie unseat Bell/Barber/Fox/Griffen? I'm not too sure.

CB - You could get a starter or nickle back if Warfield is cut for some reason. I think it would be idiotic to do so though.

S - I think improvement is needed but I don't think a rookie will come in and beat out Knight. Maybe a first rounder could compete with Wesley?

WR - KC is essentially two deep at WR. A WR could come in and play the third or fourth spot, possibly the #2 position if an injury occurred to Parker or Kennison.

OT - If Roaf retires, I think there is a fair chance that someone like McNeil could challenge some of the incumbents on the team.

OG - If Shileds retires and Welbourne is kept at OT, I could see Giles or a high caliber guard starting.

02-17-2006, 04:04 PM
The positions that traditionally are the easiest for a rookie to break in are d-line, OLB, safety, and RB.

For the Chiefs, I think DT and FS are definitely positions where rookies could contribute. I think the chances are less at DE and OLB, but mostly because of who the Chiefs already have in those positions.