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Mr. Laz
02-22-2006, 02:39 PM
by Frank Coyle, editor of the Draft Insider's Digest.

(Ed. note. Frank Coyle, one of the best known and well-respected draft 'gurus' in the business, not to mention one of the top NFL analysts period, has kindly offered to provide some of his insights. Frank is the editor of Draft Insider's Digest now in its 15th season. A former pro scout, Frank also has many radio and television appearances on his resume. Frank's 2006 Draft Monthly Newsletters are now available by calling 1-800-776-1949.)

February 22, 2006

First-round draft projection for 2006

1 Houston - * Reggie Bush - RB – USC… Texans just signed QB David Carr to a longterm deal and Bush gives this club an impact player.

2 New Orleans - * Vince Young - QB – Texas… Saints look to start the Sean Payton regime with a blue chip young passer..

3 Tennessee - Matt Leinart - QB – USC… Titans offense looking for new starter here and OC Norm Chow has worked with Matt at USC.

4 New York Jets -* Mario Williams - DE - North Carolina State… Jets defense could go through some changes if franchised DE John Abraham is traded next month.

5 Green Bay - D’Brickashaw Ferguson - OT – Virginia… Packers would love to nail down the left tackle spot for the next decade with this guy.

6 x- San Francisco - * Haloti Ngata - DT – Oregon… 49ers’ Mike Nolan wants an anchor in the middle of his underrated defense.

7 x- Oakland - A.J. Hawk - LB - Ohio State… Raiders defense needs a new look on their front seven and Hawk is ready now.

8 Buffalo - Jimmy Williams - CB - Virginia Tech..Bills may lose veteran CB Nate Clements in FA that would make this position a high priority.

9 Detroit - Jay Cutler - QB – Vanderbilt… Lions look to a new young passer after shaky time with Joey Harrington.

10 Arizona - * Vernon Davis - TE - Maryland… Cards offense will look for more offensive balance with this blue chip tight end.

11 St. Louis - Mathias Kiwanuka - DE - Boston College… Rams defense has never recovered from losing DE Grant Wistrom.

12 Cleveland - Chad Greenway - LB – Iowa… Browns 3-4 defense would love to add this playmaker for the outside.

13 Baltimore - DeMeco Ryans - LB – Alabama… Ravens are talking about moving LB Ray Lewis this spring.

14 Philadelphia - DeAngelo Williams - RB – Memphis…Eagles would jump at the chance to land this complete tailback.

15 Atlanta - Tamba Hali - DE - Penn State… Falcons defense would love to add this playmaker.

16 Miami - Michael Huff - DB – Texas… Dolphins’ head coach Nick Saban loves this complete safety with cornerback skills.

17 Minnesota - * Winston Justice - OT – USC… Vikings offensive line is looking to protect the outside.

18 Dallas - Marcus McNeill - OT – Auburn… Cowboys must protect QB Drew Bledsoe if they expect to compete at playoff levels.

19 San Diego - * Ashton Youboty - CB - Ohio State… The Chargers secondary needs new talent and Youboty gives them a prospect with big upside.

20 Kansas City - Tye Hill - CB – Clemson… Chiefs improving defense is looking to add a top rated cover man.

21 New England -* LenDale White - RB – USC… Patriots looking to add a young stud runner.

22 Denver (from Washington) - * Ko Simpson - FS - South Carolina… Broncos secondary hopes to add a blue chip safety.

23 Tampa Bay - Eric Winston - OT – Miami… Buccaneers look to nail down the left tackle early this year.

24 Cincinnati - * Darnell Bing - DB – USC… The Bengals defense is looking for a strong in the box playmaker.

25 New York Giants - * Charles Gordon - CB – Kansas… Giants’ secondary will add a few new cornerbacks and Gordon has top cover skills.

26 Chicago - Marcedes Lewis - TE – UCLA… Bears offense would welcome this top athlete to give their passing game a new weapon in the middle.

27 Carolina - * Chad Jackson - WR – Florida… Panthers’ offense is looking for another playmaker to take the pressure off of Steve Smith.

28 Jacksonville - Kelly Jennings - CB – Miami… Jaguars secondary would welcome this young cover man.

29 Denver - Sinorice Moss - WR – Miami… Broncos looking to add young playmaker to give their passing game an added dimension.

30 Indianapolis - * Laurence Maroney - RB – Minnesota… Colts will address backfield early with Edgerrin James expected to leave as a free agent next month.

31 Seattle - Rodrique Wright - DT – Texas…Seahawks looking to couple Wright with former UT tackle Marcus Tubbs.

32 Pittsburgh - Bobby Carpenter - LB - Ohio State… Steelers would find it difficult to pass on this playmaker for their 3-4 defense.


02-22-2006, 02:52 PM
I think they have Jay Cutler rated way too-high. I don't see what some are seeing with his play.

I know Vanderbilt didn't have many offensive weapons, Cutler is overrated in my book.

02-22-2006, 02:56 PM
I just heard Mike Martz a couple of weeks ago on the radio talking about how Harrington can be the next Warner. I just don't see them taking a QB.

02-22-2006, 03:01 PM
Coyle starts off with some decent assumptions, but it starts to go down hill from the 9th overall pick and Jay Cutler, IMO. What is Coyle thinking?

Mr. Laz
02-22-2006, 03:07 PM
that mayock guy on NFL access has Culter has his #1 quarterback.

#1 cutler
#2 young
# 3 leniart


02-22-2006, 03:13 PM
I'd take Cutler over Young and Lienart. Charles Gordon in the first round. Is he that impressive?

02-22-2006, 03:15 PM
Cutler has the prototypical size you look for in a QB, but I'm still leary of the end results in alot of his games.

02-22-2006, 03:21 PM
I'd take Cutler over Young and Lienart. Charles Gordon in the first round. Is he that impressive?

Every year, one or two CB's run so fast at the combine that they end up in the late 1st round.

Gordon definitely has the capability to end up being this year's Fabian Washington...

Mr. Laz
02-22-2006, 03:32 PM
Cutler has the prototypical size you look for in a QB, but I'm still leary of the end results in alot of his games.
vandy sucked ... he got sacked a ton

don't know if the oline sucked or if he held the ball too long all the time.

Archie Bunker
02-22-2006, 03:41 PM
I watched Vandy a handful of times this year and Cutler kept them in most games by himself. He had a bad o-line and no running game and still had them in every game.

IMO he is the best QB in the draft without question.

02-22-2006, 04:45 PM
Apparently Santonio Holmes pissed in Coyle's Cornflakes.

Pretty poor mock.