View Full Version : V Bulletin and PHP HELP!! $$ possible

02-23-2006, 08:47 AM
Hey guys, I am in need of anybodies help and you could possibly be paid for your assistance. I moderate a v bulletin forum at

It's an electric football forum and is about a 10 G site. Mach 10 who hosts the forum backed up the site and did a Windows update to the server. The update killed the server. The info is all still there but the V Bulletin is not restoring the old site. I don't know all the tech stuff regarding this and would need to put you in contact with Mach 10. There problem is they are not familiar with php as this is the only site they host that runs on php. If any one thinks they can help please call me at 816-891-0802 or 816-225-0850 or email me stat at weirdwolf@weirdwolf.net. We are desperate to get the old site back. Don't laugh, its just electric football but they are a passionate bunch!