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03-09-2006, 12:43 PM
Thses are excerpts from a article in a Philly paper. I didn't think we needed to read all of the BS, but the end has an interesting tid-bit about T.O.

Backer in the saddle againBy LES BOWENbowenl@phillynews.com

THE EAGLES yesterday brought back a guy whose televised criticisms last season angered some of their players.
No, not that guy.
Shawn Barber.
Barber is the then-Kansas City linebacker who was captured on HBO's "Inside the NFL'' as it zeroed in on the Eagles' 37-31, Oct. 2 victory over the Chiefs. Barber, standing on the sideline in street clothes as he recovered from knee surgery, exhorted his red-clad teammates by predicting that the Birds would grow tired in the second half, since they only practiced 90 minutes a day. Barber knew this from having played for the Eagles in 2002.
Barber, 31, is a lively, boisterous personality, coming back to a locker room that could use a few of those. He also played the weakside very well the last time he was here, and seems poised to return to that role, with last year's starter, Keith Adams, heading into free agency.
Barber won't have a dramatic learning curve in Jim Johnson's defense, which can be difficult to grasp, especially for linebackers. He said he looked forward to playing in it again.
"He wanted to come home,'' Mackler said, to the team where Barber "had his most success.''
The Eagles insisted on a physical before finalizing the deal, but Mackler said his client is now completely healthy.
Minutes later, Barber was holding up his old No. 56 jersey for the cameras and waxing rhapsodic about the lure of Philadelphia.
"Once you're a part of this organization, a part of this locker room, feel the way this organization is run, feel the way this team plays together... you can get drawn away by dollars... there's things that can draw you away, but the majority of guys, if you ask them, in their heart, where they prefer to play, where they prefer to be, they'd say back here,'' he said. "I'm honored and glad to be at a point in my career where I can go back and play where I feel good about playing.''


The Eagles also announced they had re-signed pending free agent defensive end Juqua Thomas to a 1-year deal... When free agency finally starts tomorrow or Saturday, look for the Eagles to announce more signings, probably including center LeCharles Bentley and quarterback Jeff Garcia, sources close to the situation suggest. Center Kevin Mawae, whose agent, Mark Bartelstein, said he has spoken with the Eagles, visited the Dolphins yesterday... Presumably, the Eagles' deadline for paying that roster bonus to Terrell Owens is now sometime early next week, but Owens' release could come sooner. Kansas City seems to be emerging as his most likely destination

I wonder what is going on that makes everyone think T.O is coming to KC. especially with Carla nd Herm talking about the draft and no FA's.

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I wonder what is going on that makes everyone think T.O is coming to KC. especially with Carla nd Herm talking about the draft and no FA's.

Whoops. I meant Carl and Herm

Thig Lyfe
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We need more T.O. threads.

go bo
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nick athan knows all...

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We need more T.O. threads.

Uh, there's alot about Barber in this thread too dude.

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Rhonda Moss & TO would be into on the first day. My money's on Rhonda