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03-14-2006, 10:13 AM
The 2001 draft was one of the best in recent memory, and we traded our first 2 picks for Trent Green and Grandpa Vermeil

Here's the first 3 rounds, interesting stuff:

1 1 Atlanta Falcons Michael Vick QB Virginia Tech
2 2 Arizona Cardinals Leonard Davis OT Texas
3 3 Cleveland Browns Gerard Warren DT Florida
4 4 Cincinnati Bengals Justin Smith DE Missouri
5 5 San Diego Chargers LaDainian Tomlinson HB TCU
6 6 New England Patriots Richard Seymour DT Georgia
7 7 San Francisco 49ers Andre Carter DE California
8 8 Chicago Bears David Terrell WR Michigan
9 9 Seattle Seahawks Koren Robinson WR North Carolina St.
10 10 Green Bay Packers Jamal Reynolds DE Florida St.
11 11 Carolina Panthers Dan Morgan ILB Miami (FL)
12 12 St. Louis Rams Damione Lewis DT Miami (FL)
13 13 Jacksonville Jaguars Marcus Stroud DT Georgia
14 14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kenyatta Walker OT Florida
15 15 Washington Redskins Rod Gardner WR Clemson
16 16 New York Jets Santana Moss WR Miami (FL)
17 17 Seattle Seahawks Steve Hutchinson OG Michigan
18 18 Detroit Lions Jeff Backus OT Michigan
19 19 Pittsburgh Steelers Casey Hampton DT Texas
20 20 St. Louis Rams Adam Archuleta S Arizona St.
21 21 Buffalo Bills Nate Clements CB Ohio St.
22 22 New York Giants Will Allen CB Syracuse
23 23 New Orleans Saints Deuce McAllister HB Ole Miss
24 24 Denver Broncos Willie Middlebrooks CB Minnesota
25 25 Philadelphia Eagles Freddie Mitchell WR UCLA
26 26 Miami Dolphins Jamar Fletcher CB Wisconsin
27 27 Minnesota Vikings Michael Bennett HB Wisconsin
28 28 Oakland Raiders Derrick Gibson S Florida St.
29 29 St. Louis Rams Ryan Pickett DT Ohio St.
30 30 Indianapolis Colts Reggie Wayne WR Miami (FL)
31 31 Baltimore Ravens Todd Heap TE Arizona St.

Round 2
1 32 San Diego Chargers Drew Brees QB Purdue
2 33 Cleveland Browns Quincy Morgan WR Kansas St.
3 34 Arizona Cardinals Kyle Vanden Bosch DE Nebraska
4 35 Atlanta Falcons Alge Crumpler TE North Carolina
5 36 Cincinnati Bengals Chad Johnson WR Oregon St.
6 37 Indianapolis Colts Idrees Bashir S Memphis
7 38 Chicago Bears Anthony Thomas FB Michigan
8 39 Pittsburgh Steelers Kendrell Bell ILB Georgia
9 40 Seattle Seahawks Ken Lucas CB Ole Miss
10 41 Green Bay Packers Robert Ferguson WR Texas A&M
11 42 St. Louis Rams Tommy Polley OLB Florida St.
12 43 Jacksonville Jaguars Maurice Williams OT Michigan
13 44 Carolina Panthers Kris Jenkins DT Maryland
14 45 Washington Redskins Fred Smoot CB Mississippi St.
15 46 Buffalo Bills Aaron Schobel DE TCU
16 47 San Francisco 49ers Jamie Winborn ILB Vanderbilt
17 48 New England Patriots Matt Light OT Purdue
18 49 New York Jets LaMont Jordan HB Maryland
19 50 Detroit Lions Dominic Raiola C Nebraska
20 51 Denver Broncos Paul Toviessi DE Marshall
21 52 Miami Dolphins Chris Chambers WR Wisconsin
22 53 Dallas Cowboys Quincy Carter QB Georgia
23 54 Arizona Cardinals Michael Stone CB Memphis
24 55 Philadelphia Eagles Quinton Caver OLB Arkansas
25 56 Dallas Cowboys Tony Dixon S Alabama
26 57 Minnesota Vikings Willie Howard DT Stanford
27 58 Buffalo Bills Travis Henry HB Tennessee
28 59 Oakland Raiders Marques Tuiasosopo QB Washington
29 60 Tennessee Titans Andre Dyson CB Utah
30 61 Detroit Lions Shaun Rogers DT Texas
31 62 Baltimore Ravens Gary Baxter CB Baylor

Round 3

1 63 Philadelphia Eagles Derrick Burgess DE Ole Miss
2 64 Arizona Cardinals Adrian Wilson S North Carolina St.
3 65 Cleveland Browns James Jackson HB Miami (FL)
4 66 Cincinnati Bengals Sean Brewer TE San Jose St.
5 67 San Diego Chargers Tay Cody CB Florida St.
6 68 Chicago Bears Mike Gandy OG Notre Dame
7 69 Minnesota Vikings Eric Kelly CB Kentucky
8 70 New Orleans Saints Sedrick Hodge OLB North Carolina
9 71 Green Bay Packers Bhawoh Jue CB Penn St.
10 72 Green Bay Packers Torrance Marshall ILB Oklahoma
11 73 Jacksonville Jaguars Eric Westmoreland OLB Tennessee
12 74 Carolina Panthers Steve Smith WR Utah
13 75 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Downing DT Syracuse
14 76 Buffalo Bills Ron Edwards DT Texas A&M
15 77 Kansas City Chiefs Marvin Minnis WR Florida St.
16 78 New York Giants William Peterson CB Western Illinois
17 79 New York Jets Kareem McKenzie OT Penn St.
18 80 San Francisco 49ers Kevan Barlow HB Pittsburgh
19 81 New Orleans Saints Kenny Smith DT Alabama
20 82 Seattle Seahawks Heath Evans FB Auburn
21 83 St. Louis Rams Brian Allen OLB Florida St.
22 84 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dwight Smith CB Akron
23 85 Miami Dolphins Travis Minor HB Florida St.
24 86 Minnesota Vikings Brock Williams CB Notre Dame
25 87 Denver Broncos Reggie Hayward DE Iowa St.
26 88 Miami Dolphins Morlon Greenwood OLB Syracuse
27 89 Oakland Raiders DeLawrence Grant DE Oregon St.
28 90 Tennessee Titans Shad Meier TE Kansas St.
29 91 Indianapolis Colts Cory Bird S Virginia Tech
30 92 Baltimore Ravens Casey Rabach C Wisconsin
31 93 Dallas Cowboys Willie Blade DT Mississippi St.
32 94 Jacksonville Jaguars James Boyd S Penn St.
33 95 Buffalo Bills Jonas Jennings OT Georgia

03-14-2006, 10:34 AM

We took Eric Downing one pick after STEVE ****ING SMITH.


03-14-2006, 10:40 AM
And Chris Chambers.... :banghead:

03-14-2006, 11:25 AM

We took Eric Downing one pick after STEVE ****ING SMITH.

:banghead:What's even worse is we obviously had a WR targeted because we take Marvin Minnis a couple of picks after Downing.

03-14-2006, 12:38 PM
Man there are a lot of players in the first 3 rounds that didn't pan out.

03-15-2006, 10:41 AM
What's even worse is we obviously had a WR targeted because we take Marvin Minnis a couple of picks after Downing.

Goddammit, you just had to ruin my day didn't you? :D

We could have traded those 2 picks to trade up one spot...

03-15-2006, 11:40 AM
Goddammit, you just had to ruin my day didn't you? :D

We could have traded those 2 picks to trade up one spot...

Another draft bites the dust. I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I sure hope our luck is changing after the fortune of DJ dropping to us last year.

Hog's Gone Fishin
03-15-2006, 11:50 AM

We took Eric Downing one pick after STEVE ****ING SMITH.


It worked out though .Marvin Minnis fell to us at 77.

Rain Man
03-15-2006, 11:53 AM
At least we had a better draft than the Broncos.

03-22-2006, 10:32 PM
So what #s would have been ours ?

03-22-2006, 10:55 PM
You are complaining about trading a first round pick for what became KC's franchise QB. Sounds like a great move to me.

Technically the Chiefs didnt trade for Vermeil. The league forced the team to give up a 2nd round pick.

03-22-2006, 11:37 PM
So what #s would have been ours ?

The Damione Lewis and Tommy Polly picks were "our" picks. So we could have had Marcus Stroud and Kris Jenkins..........