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03-22-2006, 09:13 AM
After many hours of scouring more than a few rip offís on ebay , I have found probably the BEST site/ place for Cymbals, and drum gear in the USA. (These guyís also ship internationally).

Last week I stumbled upon an ebay auction "too good to be true"
a 6 pack cymbal set or another deal of 4 plus 2 boom stands for $199.

It was one of my students birthdays so I spoke to his father and said, "look, your about to put down $400 for a Sabian package in town, so why not go Zeldjian (IMO are better) and save a few bucks, and if itís a rip off, Iíll take them and pay for the whole works."

Adrums of Boston,1112 Boylston St. came through in flying colors.
Virtual store tour:

Yesterday in the mail, my student got:
1 - set of ZBT 14' high hats
1 - 16" Rock Crash
1 - 18" Rock Ride

And got to pick any of these as a free gift:
1 - 18" zbt rock crash
1 - zbt 18" china
2 splashes (zbt 8" + zbt 10")
or 2 boom stands
**He chose the boom stands

When we called them prior to ordering, I asked how we could get the $9.99 Zildjian splash deal at the counter by mentioning the add they have in Modern Drummer, and they laughed and said "Hell, weíll throw that in free, since I donít imagine your going to drive from Canada just to save $20.00"

My studentís total cost including shipping and insurance was just over $250.00, and even with my discount at the best music store in town where I get ALL my gear they couldnít touch that deal for under $500.
So wether youíre a beginner, novice, or Semi pro/pro drummer.

They carry a complete line of DW, Mapex, Pearl, Yamaha, pdp, Sonor, Gretsch, Taye, Ludwig, and Soprano drums.
Not to mention Carry Zeldjian, Sabian,PAISTE, MEINL,ISTANBUL memeth,UFIP cymbals.
They also have a used section of gear.

03-28-2006, 12:39 PM
Thanks...Will pass this on to my ex-BIL in KC

Makes his own drums, teaches, plays in couple bands.

Jarman Drums (no website)