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Updated March 31, 2006
1.Houston Texans
REGGIE BUSH HB 5'11" 200 #4.4 Southern California
COMMENTS: The top play maker in this draft.

2.New Orleans Saints
D'BRICKASHAW FERGUSON OT 6'6" 305# 5.1 Virginia
COMMENTS: While it will be difficult to pass on Super Mario, Ferguson fills the greater need.

3. Tennessee Titans
MATT LEINART QB 6'5" 225# 4.9 Southern California
COMMENTS: The organization is looking for their quarterback of the future.

4.New York Jets
MARIO WILLIAMS DE 6'7" 295# 4.7 North Carolina State
COMMENTS: Williams has all world potential and fits well in the new 3-4 alignment.

5.Green Bay Packers
A. J. HAWKOLB6'1"250#4.5Ohio State
COMMENTS: Outstanding football player player that also fills a position of need.

6.San Francisco 49'ers
MICHAEL HUFFS6'0"205#4.3Texas
COMMENTS: Vernon Davis will be tempting, but the 49'ers must fill some of the holes on defense.

7.Oakland Raiders
HALOTI NGATADT 6'4"340#5.1Oregon
COMMENTS: With Aaron Brooks and Andrew Walter, the Raiders will be able to focus on their defensive needs.

8.Buffalo Bills
BRODRICK BUNKLEYDT6'3"305#5.0Florida State
COMMENTS: Buffalo is hoping Bunkley or Ngata will still be available.

9.Detroit Lions
JIMMY WILLIAMSS6'2"215#4.4Virginia Tech
COMMENTS: After upgrading the quarterback position through free agency, the Lions can take the best defender available.

10.Arizona Cardinals
VINCE YOUNGQB6'5"230#4.6Texas
COMMENTS: Young has the potential to make this offense scary!

11.Saint Louis Rams
VERNON DAVISTE6'3"250#4.4Maryland
COMMENTS: Davis is a tremendous athlete that will take some of the pressure off the outside receivers.

12.Cleveland Browns
COMMENTS: Greenway is the best defender available and fills a long time need position in Cleveland.

13.Baltimore Ravens
ERNIE SIMSOLB5'11"235#4.5Florida State
COMMENTS: A third starter is needed alongside Ray Lewis and Adalius Thomas.

14.Philadelphia Eagles
LENDALE WHITEHB6'0"240#4.5Southern California

COMMENTS: Taking some of the load off Brian Westbrook, White would bring the much needed big back to the Eagles offense.

15.Denver Broncos
CHAD JACKSONWR6'1"210#4.3Florida
COMMENTS: This draft choice was acquired from the Atlanta Falcons (DE John Abraham). Denver positioned themselves nicely in round one and could have their choice of the top receivers.

16.Miami Dolphins
DONTE WHITNERS5'10"205#4.4Ohio State
COMMENTS: There is a glaring need at safety in the Dolphins defense.

17.Minnesota Vikings
JAY CUTLERQB6'3"225#4.8Vanderbilt
COMMENTS: Aaron Rogers slid to Green Bay last year, will Cutler fall to Minnesota this year?!?

18.Dallas Cowboys
GABE WATSONDT6'3"335#5.3Michigan
COMMENTS: La'Roi Glover was released and Jason Ferguson is not getting any younger.

19.San Diego Chargers
SANTONIO HOLMESWR5'10"180#4.3Ohio State
COMMENTS: How old is Keenan McCardell?

20.Kansas City Chiefs
RICHARD MARSHALLCB5'11"190#4.4Fresno State
COMMENTS: The Chiefs desperately need a starting corner opposite Patrick Surtain.

21.New England Patriots
COMMENTS: Corey Dillon struggled some with injuries that season and isn't getting any younger.

22.Denver Broncos
TAMBA HALIDE6'3"265#4.9Penn State
COMMENTS: This draft choice was acquired from the Washington Redskins (QB Jason Campbell). The most pressing need on defense is for an outside pass rusher.

23.Tampa Bay Buccaneers
WINSTON JUSTICEOT6'6"320#5.0Southern California
COMMENTS: Resigning Kenyatta Walker helps, but a starter is still needed on the other side.

24.Cincinnati Bengals
LEONARD POPETE6'7"260#4.6Georgia
COMMENTS: With the signing of Sam Adams, the Bengals can fill their need for an every down tight end.

25.New York Giants
DEMECO RYANSOLB6'1"235#4.7Alabama
COMMENTS: The Giants would like a chance at Chad Greenway, but it does not appear likely to happen.

26.Chicago Bears
JASON ALLENCB6'1"215#4.4Tennessee
COMMENTS: The athletic Volunteer CB/S is one of the fast rising players in recent weeks.

27.Carolina Panthers
SINORICE MOSSWR5'8"185#4.4Miami
COMMENTS: The combination of Steve Smith and Moss could present some difficult matchups for opposing defenses.

28.Jacksonville Jaguars
BOBBY CARPENTEROLB6'2"255#4.6Ohio State
COMMENTS: The Jaguars need at SAM 'backer after losing Akin Ayodele to Dallas.

29.New York Jets
NICK MANGOLDC6'3"300#5.1Ohio State
COMMENTS: This draft choice was acquired from the Atlanta Falcons through Denver Broncos (DE john Abraham). Knowing he will not last until #35 overall, the Jets will add their new starting center.

30.Indianapolis Colts
LAURENCE MARONEYHB6'0"215#4.5Minnesota
COMMENTS: The Colts are hoping one of the top four backs lasts, if not, a linebacker or cornerback will be considered.

31.Seattle Seahawks
MATHIAS KIWANUKADE6'6"260#4.7Boston College
COMMENTS: Many of the holes have been filled through free agency, but a pass rusher or cornerback are still needed.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers
COMMENTS: Kimo von Oelhoffen needs to be replaced and the Steelers have had good luck with Texas linemen.

33 Texans OT ERIC WINSTON Miami
34 Saints CB ANTONIO CROMARTIE Florida State
35 Jets OT MARCUS McNEILL Auburn
36 Packers OG DAVIN JOSEPH Oklahoma
37 49'ers OLB KAMERION WIMBLEY Florida State
38 Raiders S DARNELL BING Southern California
39 Titans ILB D'QWELL JACKSON Maryland
40 Lions DE MANNY LAWSON North Carolina State
41 Cardinals CB KELLY JENNINGS Miami
42 Bills OT DARYN COLLEDGE Boise State
43 Browns CB ASHTON YOUBOTY Ohio State
44 Ravens S KO SIMPSON South Carolina
45 Eagles DT CLAUDE WROTEN Louisiana State
47 Falcons CB JOHNATHAN JOSEPH South Carolina
48 Vikings CB TYE HILL Clemson
49 Cowboys OG CHARLES SPENCER Pittsburgh
50 Chargers OT JONATHAN SCOTT Texas
51 Vikings (from MIA) OLB JON ALSTON Stanford
52 Patriots WR MAURICE STOVALL Notre Dame
53 Redskins OLB THOMAS HOWARD Texas El Paso
55 Bengals S DANIEL BULLOCKS Nebraska
56 Giants DT JOHN McCARGO North Carolina State
57 Bears TE ANTHONY FASANO Notre Dame
59 Buccaneers OG MAX JEAN-GILLES Georgia
60 Jaguars HB JOSEPH ADDAI Louisiana State
61 Broncos TE DAVID THOMAS Texas
63 Seahawks OG DEUCE LUTUI Southern Caifornia
64 Steelers S ANTHONY SMITH Syracuse

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