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04-09-2006, 04:59 PM
nintendo article (http://www.nintendoplayers.com/article.php?articleID=201)

20 Titles for Revolution Launch?
Nintendo's George Harrison tells Game Informer about Nintendo's Revolution launch plans.
by Robert Hiskey

April 8, 2006 - In an interview in Game Informer magazine, George Harrison, Nintendo's Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications, dished out some interesting details on the software side of Revolution's launch. Most noteworthy was the fact that he stated his expectation of 20 titles for Revolution at launch. Of those 20, he estimates that about one-third of the games will be first-party titles, published by Nintendo themselves. Based on those statements, it sounds as if Revolution will launch with an impressive lineup of titles.

Harrison said that one of the things Nintendo learned from the launch of GameCube was that it is important to keep the titles coming steadily after launch, because the first few months of the console's existence is when most general opinions are formed and the console's reputation is established. Said Harrison, "You've got to deliver software, not just at launch, but you've got to deliver software in the first six to nine months after launch. It has to be solid software. In GameCube, we didn't have that, we had kind of a drought for six months after it launched. By that time your reputation starts to solidify and it's hard to reverse that after awhile."

Harrison also touched on a few other topics in the interview, such as the difficulties in marketing Revolution, which he compared to the...gasp...Virtual Boy, as he explained that showing software is not enough; the gameplay experience is more important. In addition, he mentioned that Nintendo will definitely include the "nunchaku" attachment with the console, and is contemplating the inclusion of a second controller as well. He also reiterated that the console and Virtual Console service would be affordable, but the actual price point for game downloads still has not been finalized.

We'll bring you more information on Revolution as it arrives leading up to E3 in May. Just one month from tomorrow, Nintendo will reveal all about Revolution during their E3 media briefing in Los Angeles, where Nintendo Players will be bringing you all the information live!

Source: Revolution Report

04-09-2006, 06:09 PM
Sounds great. I can't wait to use the nunchaku as real nunchaku in a game.