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04-15-2006, 10:37 PM
1. Houston Texans-Houston needs a playmaker anywhere on the team, defense or offense. Their most glaring holes are on the offensive line, defensive line, and linebackers. The reason the Texans choose Reggie Bush is for the simple fact that he is a game changer and in the NFL Draft sometimes you have to take the player who will make the biggest impact whether that position is needed or not. Reggie Bush is the type of playmaker that comes around maybe once a decade. He has great acceleration along with a variety of juke moves. Bush assured that his speed is something rare and real when he ran a 4.33 40 time at his pro day. The Texans have discussed shopping the pick and that remains a possibility. Overall they just canít pass up the draftís best player. DíBrickashaw Ferguson still seems most logical to real football fans but let me use a comparison. Letís say the Texans have a chance to take Walter Jones or LaDainian Tomlinson with this pick? While Walter Jones is a great left tackle, LT is the most exciting running back in the NFL. If the Texans passed on Bush and he became a superstar like most experts believe the Houston Organization would be criticized for years to come. Thatís just something they cannot live with.

With the first overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Houston Texans select Running Back Reggie Bush, USC

2. New Orleans Saints-The whole state of Louisiana went through a rough period of time last season. Saintsí fans were disappointed with where the team had to play and how the Saints finished as far as record wise. The team has a new head coach and a new quarterback to start fresh. The city of New Orleans has gone through some major changes. With quarterback taken care of offensive tackle becomes the top need. Sean Payton knows the value of a franchise left tackle after he saw the damage of not having one did to his quarterback Drew Bledsoe in Dallas. DíBrickashaw Ferguson is the best option for New Orleans and provides them with one of the best franchise left tackles to enter the draft in the last ten years. D-Brick is a shut down left tackle in pass protection and has great strength and mobility. I am sure Sean Payton is looking for protection for his new franchise quarterback Drew Brees, and he finds it here. If not making things more clearly the Saints traded away their starting left tackle; thatís probably a good indication of them drafting D-Brick. Other options could include Mario Williams, Haloti Ngata, or AJ Hawk, all players who could give this defense a boost.

With the second overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the New Orleans Saints select Offensive Tackle DíBrickashaw Ferguson, Virginia

3. Tennessee Titans-I never would have dreamed that the Titans would take another prospect let alone another quarterback over Matt Leinart. The owner has made it clear that he wants quarterback addressed with that third overall pick. A long time back Vince Young raised his stock immensely with his rose bowl performance but the heat died off after a spark came with Jay Cutler at the Senior Bowl/Combine. Young and Cutler did a lot to raise their draft stocks while Leinart laid back waiting to cash in. Matt still has a great opportunity to be picked very high in this draft however it appears the Titans are leaning towards Vince Young as their first round draft pick according to league sources. Young has all the tools to work with and along with his physical characteristics he is also Steve McNairís god child. My thinking was Chow wants Leinart so Leinart will be a Titan, I didnít take into consideration that offensive coordinators donít do the drafting.

With the third overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Tennessee Titans select Quarterback Vince Young, Texas

4. New York Jets-Pennington restructured his contract and Ramsey was signed for insurance so the Jets arenít in horrible shape when it comes to the quarterback position. Letís take a look at this from a franchise point of view. You have a chance to start Pennington, who is injury-prone, arm strength is limited, and wonít ever be the same guy you saw three years ago; or Patrick Ramsey a failed project in Washington, even when the talent level was somewhat high. Now granted Ramsey still has potential at age 27, and Pennington still knows what it takes to quarterback in this league but letís get real. Will Chad Pennington or Patrick Ramsey lead the Jets to the Super Bowl, no they wonít. Could Matt Leinart? I think so. Leinart is who this team wanted originally so not having to trade up has to make the front office smile. Matt brings that ďitĒ factor needed to play quarterback in the NFL, and has the precision and pocket presence to become special.

With the fourth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the New York Jets select, Quarterback Matt Leinart, USC

5. Green Bay Packers-I am going to count my chickens before they hatch; in other words I am going to say that LaVar Arrington signs with the Green Bay Packers considering that any interest from other teams is non-existent. AJ Hawk seemed to be the only for sure pick in the top five and now that has changed. If the Packers do sign Arrington then AJ Hawk would have no position to start on the Packers. The Packers are beginning a new era and that era started with the firing of Mike Sherman and the hiring on Mike McCarthy. We know they wonít take quarterback no matter who is available because they spent a high draft pick on Aaron Rodgers last year and are still unsure of what Brett Favre will do. With the Packers re-signing Ahman Green and Aaron Kampman that answers a lot of questions about what the Packers might do in the draft; eliminating running back and defensive end. Michael Huff would be the best player to help the Packers immediately. He can play cornerback or safety. For the Packers Huff would play cornerback moving Carroll to Nickel Cornerback.

With the fifth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Green Bay Packers select Safety Michael Huff, Texas

6. San Francisco 49ers-San Francisco is so far away from the top of the league in terms of talent that they just need to add an impact player. The 49ers top need is linebacker. The 49ers were not very active in free agency despite a great cap to work with. AJ Hawk has been pegged at five for months now but that could all change with one signing by the Green Bay Packers. If the Packers sign Lavar Arrington AJ Hawk will likely fall into the Ninersí lap. Hawk was a beast at OSU and is well over 240 pounds which makes him a solid fit on the strong side for San Francisco replacing former sack artist Julian Peterson. Other options include Mario Williams who is simply a freak. Williams would appear to be the best player available; defensive end though is a position where the San Francisco canít necessarily complain about the production.

With the sixth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the San Francisco 49ers select Outside Linebacker AJ Hawk, Ohio State

7. Oakland Raiders-Some of you cringe and the fact that Mario Williams isnít in the top five, saying that itís unrealistic. Well I have some news for you; as good as Mario Williams is he doesnít make the impact that the six players in front of him do. Reggie Bush, DíBrickashaw Ferguson, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, AJ Hawk, and Vernon Davis are cornerstones to franchises. Al Davis isnít one to draft quarterbacks in the first round unless he is totally in love with the player and I believe that Al will settle for veteran quarterback Aaron Brooks over another drafted quarterback (Andrew Walter was drafted last year). Brooks has been around the block a few times and with the receivers Jerry Porter and Randy Moss in Oakland Aaron should definitely have success. Mario Williams is simply amazing, and a nice compliment to Derrick Burgess on the other side. Super Mario is six foot seven and nearly three hundred pounds, not even Al Davis will pass on him. Oakland may consider a guy like Jay Cutler, Chad Greenway, or Jimmy Williams however Mario Williams is the best player available in terms of need and value.

With the seventh overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select Defensive End Mario Williams, NC State

8. Buffalo Bills-Dick Jauron is the new head coach in the Bills' organization. He will have a great defense to work with but he needs to improve an offense that ranked twenty eighth in the league. The Bills also have a quarterback controversy and I am not sure this team will be successful until they figure that out, although I donít see them dedicating this pick to that position. Tight end is a position where the Bills lack a top playmaker. It isn't really considered a weakness but it is a position that needs upgraded. There isn't a better athlete in this draft than Vernon Davis with his beastly speed and strength.

With the eighth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Buffalo Bills select Tight End Vernon Davis, Maryland

9. Detroit Lions-With the hiring of Rod Marinelli it is likely the Detroit Lions will dedicate most of the draft to offensive and defensive lines since he believes everything starts up front. I think Marinelli will instantly improve the Lions record next season because he provides superior discipline over Steve Marucci. Marinelli will provide Jon Kitna with all of the tools he needs to have a good chance to succeed. Defensive end will be high on the Lionsí priority list but first Kelly Butler must be benched. Justice will be a centerpiece to the Detroit Lionsí offensive line for years to come. I also think Haloti Ngata and Vernon Davis will get top consideration at this pick. Davis would open up Detroitís offense with his incredible speed and ability to get open. At this point in time the pick goes to Justice who protected the Nationís most prolific offense.

With the ninth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Detroit Lions select Offensive Tackle Winston Justice, USC

10. Arizona Cardinals-It has been rumored that Dennis Green is looking for his next young quarterback project. Although the Cardinals did give big money to Kurt Warner for this next season, after that you never know. Kurt Warner is thirty five years old and has a bad case of sackophrenia. Scouts and other experts who have been around for a long time claim that Jay Cutler is the top quarterback in this draft and think he is really something special. Now there is no doubt in my mind that Cutler has the best arm strength and mechanics of anyone in the first round but to go as far to say he is a better ďquarterbackĒ than Young and Leinart I have to disagree. Cutler isnít Matt Leinart or Vince Young but with his hype the way it is I donít see any way he makes it out of the top ten or twenty either to Arizona or Minnesota.

With the tenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Arizona Cardinals select Quarterback Jay Cutler, Vanderbilt

11. St. Louis Rams-Jimmy Williams has fallen on a lot of boards but not mine. I remember when he was easily the top defensive back in the draft, even in front of Michael Huff. Now usually I have him pegged at eleven overall. Chad Greenway is my new pick and my old pick before the pick of Jimmy Williams. The Rams may not have a standout cornerback but they do have some great open competition between about five guys. The reason I have gone back to Chad Greenway is because of his workouts at Iowa rather than at the combine. Greenway will be a great compliment to recent addition Will Witherspoon who will play middle linebacker. Chad Greenway is smart, quick, and an explosive tackler.

With the eleventh overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the St. Louis Rams select Outside Linebacker Chad Greenway, Iowa

12. Cleveland Browns-Romeo Crenel wasnít shy about saying he would select Ngata if he were available with the twelfth pick. He was all over Ngata in interviews at the combine. Crenel said, ďIf he is there, heís the pick,Ē but he went on to say, ďHe wonít be.Ē At the time Romeo was convinced that Haloti Ngata wasnít going to be there, but he is. The Browns want to donate this pick to the defense. Nobody would make the impact that Ngata would. He is big strong and has been said to throw offensive lineman aside like rag dolls. Cleveland needs insurance for senior citizen Ted Washington.

With the twelfth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns select Defensive Tackle Haloti Ngata, Oregon

13. Baltimore Ravens-Baltimore is not the franchise it used to be with the dominating defense, however is developing on the offensive side of the ball and the Ravens are sure to go defense with their first round pick. With the addition of Mike Anderson and the re-signing of Jamal Lewis the Ravens are set at running back. The Ravens are a team that will pick the best player available no matter what situation they are in. In this situation Tye Hill is what Baltimore needs and that is a pure cornerback. Jimmy Williams will most definitely get consideration but when it comes down to it Tye Hill shows more speed and athleticism, also displaying that he is indeed a true cornerback.

With the thirteenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Baltimore Ravens select Cornerback Tye Hill, Clemson

14. Philadelphia Eagles-Terrell Owens left the Eagles a mess and now they are just trying to compete with the Redskins, Giants, and the Cowboys who of course signed Terrell Owens. While wide receiver is a top need, I highly doubt it will be addressed in the first round. If itís any player that has risen up draft boards insanely this year it is Brodrick Bunkley. He has been as low as the second round and now people look at it as if he is a sure top ten pick. Darwin Walker and Hollis Thomas were nothing but average defensive tackles last year. The Eagles have wide receiver and outside linebacker that could be upgrades as well. Bunkley provides the best value. He is a hard worker that doesnít have the lazy factor most defensive tackles have this year.

With the fourteenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Philadelphia Eagles select Defensive Tackle Brodrick Bunkley, Florida State

15. Denver Broncos-The Broncos have had capable wide receivers for a number of years starting with Rod Smith as the number one receiver. The string of good wide receivers is about to be broken, after Rod Smith gave the Broncos a scare when getting injured at the pro bowl. While Rod Smith did live again and will play this upcoming season he is getting older and more fragile. Chad Jackson has speed, he has strength, and he has the best hands in the entire draft. Starting the draft season Jackson wasnít necessarily the top wide receiver with Santonio Holmes giving him a run for his money; the off-season workouts however has made him undoubtedly the top receiver in the draft and a good fit in Denver.

With the fifteenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select Wide Receiver Chad Jackson, Florida

16. Miami Dolphins-The Dolphins are very close to make a run, with the addition of Daunte Culpepper Miami has almost every piece to the puzzle for one of the best young coaches, Nick Saban. The offense appears to be set with Ronnie Brown being drafted last year, Chris Chambers developing into one of the top young receivers in the NFL and now with Culpepper running the show at quarterback. Defense is likely to be addressed in the first round. Safety is probably their top need at this point. Donte Whitner has great speed and can be a centerfielder that any team could use. If Chad Jackson were available I am sure Miami would strongly consider him. Santonio Holmes was an option but didnít impress at his pro day.

With the sixteenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Miami Dolphins select Safety Donte Whitner, Ohio State

17. Minnesota Vikings-Daunte Culpepper was finally traded to Miami for a second round pick, but that leaves the Vikings without a quarterback. Brad Johnson filled in nicely last season but letís face it the guy is thirty seven years old and is likely not to repeat what he did last season. If Jay Cutler is available that will be their pick, and if he slides past Arizona I think itís very possible he falls to 17. In this scenario the Cardinals didnít let him out of the top ten. The next most important need for the Minnesota Vikings is outside linebacker where Ernie Sims roams as the best player available. He is strong and fast; very agile and would be a great fit almost anywhere the Vikings put him at linebacker. His only drawback is size; not even six foot tall and not much more than 230 pounds. In the scheme the Vikings play in they donít necessarily need a guy at 240 pounds.

With the seventeenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Minnesota Vikings select Outsider Linebacker Ernie Sims, Florida State

18. Dallas Cowboys-Leave it to Jerry Jones to find a way to jump ahead in the NFC East. Signing wide receiver Terrell Owens certainly ensures that the Cowboys will not draft a wide receiver with this first round pick. Safety becomes the top need and although the Cowboys want to trade down, this year there are not many suitors. A guy that I once considered to be the Cowboys best option at this point was Jason Allen; after failing a ďpairĒ of physicals this probably moves him back to the second round. Jimmy Williams has safety versatility and was once a top ten pick. Williams doesnít have a history of injuries and being nearly six foot three with great athletic ability including the knack for the interception, I donít see how the Cowboys can pass on him.

With the eighteenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Dallas Cowboys select Safety Jimmy Williams, Virginia Tech

19. San Diego Chargers-San Diego came up just short of the playoffs and now they have lost their franchise quarterback. Fortunately Philip Rivers was a top five pick just a few years ago and San Diego should be right back in contention next season. Wide receiver is probably a top need for San Diego and should added. Marcus McNeill is a huge offensive lineman with great mobility for his size. Throughout the pre-draft workouts he has proven his potential. Despite that potential it is too much for the Chargers to pass on a threat like Santonio Holmes in the receiving game.

With the nineteenth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the San Diego Chargers select Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes, Ohio State

20. Kansas City Chiefs- Kansas City lost a handful of cornerbacks on the roster and Ashton Youboty is the perfect fit. Ashton is fast with a smooth back pedal. Youboty is a bit undersized, which is one of his only drawbacks. Out of all the cornerbacks in the draft Youboty may be the most underrated. Kansas City has other areas of need and may choose Tamba Hali or a quarterback to replace Trent Green.

With the twentieth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Kansas City Chiefs select Cornerback Ashton Youboty, Ohio State

21. New England Pariots-Itís safe to say the Patriots Super Bowl run is over however little Bill will do whatever it takes to get New England back to the top. The Patriots offense needs an overhaul with the exception of Tom Brady. Wide receivers all over the team are free agents along with two all-pro offensive lineman. Corey Dillon is over thirty years-old and is starting to wear down. Laurence Maroney is great value at pick twenty one. Maroney is a tough and patient runner and is built very solid. He was very productive in college and is a great fit in New England. The Patriots better check behind them because the Dolphins arenít too far away from knocking them off their pedestal.

With the twenty first overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the New England Patriots select Running Back Laurence Maroney, Minnesota

22. Denver Broncos (from ATL)-Denver has been busy the past few years moving up and around in drafts and this time they move up and it is believed they have moved up to acquire a top player on the offensive side of the ball. No matter who the Broncos plug into their running system it will be a success which is why Mike Anderson never cashed in. Andersonís role on the team was power while Tatum Bell who is still with the team provided the speed. The Broncos like to have that two-headed monster at running back and with the power running back gone the Broncos have called for re-enforcements, calling for the Denver native LenDale White to the team. White is a lock to score inside the ten and is a perfect replacement for Mike Anderson. White has had a horrible pre-draft, and the only thing keeping him in the first round is the Denver Broncos.

With the twenty second overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select Running Back LenDale White, USC

23. Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Tampa Bay has had a somewhat disappointing off-season with maybe their best signing a 400 pound lineman. The team has made an attempt at Tom Ashworth but it doesnít appear he will sign. Eric Winston is a good offensive tackle who was once considered a top ten pick. He has lost some value over the course of the mock draft season but the potential is still there. When Kiwanuka is still available it makes you wonder if that may be the Bucs pick, however Winston fills a bigger need.

With the twenty third overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers select Offensive Tackle Eric Winston

24. Cincinnati Bengals-Carson Palmerís injury was scary at the end of the season, and at first I panicked. I immediately thought he may be done, so I had them taking a quarterback fairly early. Now that Palmer is fine I donít think QB will be addressed until later.Rumor has it the Bengals are not happy with Tory James despite his production. Deltha OíNeal and Keiwan Ratliff are two very solid cornerbacks on the left side.Allen would come in right away and make a difference at right cornerback. He has the knack for the interception but more importantly is proven in coverage. Despite Allen's failed physicals and hup concerns the Bengals take a risk on him. Other options could include Antonio Cromartie or a wide receiver if one worth the pick was still available.

With the twenty fourth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Cincinnati Bengals select Defensive Back Jason Allen, Tennessee

25. New York Giants-Tom Coughlin had a great rebound season in New York and his franchise is pointing in the right direction. The Giants have a weak line-backing core and either side could be replaced. Jonathan Joseph is a realistic option at this point however linebacker seems to be the bigger need. Bobbyís father played for the Giants and now itís his turn to renew his fatherís honor. Bobby Carpenter has great size and has the versatility to play inside or outside. Other options could be a cornerback or Thomas Howard.

With the twenty fifth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the New York Giants select Outside Linebacker, Bobby Carpenter, Ohio State

26. Chicago Bears-While offense remains the Bearsí weakness it doesnít appear they will go with offense in the first round. Brian Griese was signed, and is a very serviceable guy to boost a team ready to take it to the next level. Earlier on the year when mock drafts were as early as mocks can go the Bears had a potential top 20 pick on their hands and may have spent it on Ryan or Greenway. Things didnít turn out as planned and the Bears made the playoffs but they still get a chance at whom they truly want and thatís DeMeco Ryans. Ryans was very productive in college and brings quickness and solid tackling ability with him to the next level.

With the twenty sixth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Chicago Bears select Outside Linebacker DeMeco Ryans, Alabama

27. Carolina Panthers-If the Panthers had any other players available they wanted then John Fox has died and gone to heaven. Sinorice Moss, Mathias Kiwanuka, and DeAngelo Williams all still on the board. All prospects are very tempting but Williams would make the biggest immediate impact and thatís what you have to ask yourself. Williams a hard runner with good speed and agility. Moss wouldn't be as tempting now that Keyshawn has signed with the team.

With the twenty seventh overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Carolina Panthers select Running Back DeAngelo Williams, Memphis

28. Jacksonville Jaguars-Cromartie certainly surprised some people when he decided to turn pro this year but it could turn out for the best especially if he is drafted by the Jaguars. He brings a lot to the table with his size and athleticism and is a player that many expected to be a high first round pick next year. If he turns out to be the player some expect him to be, Jacksonville got a steal.

With the twenty eighth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select Cornerback Antonio Cromartie, Florida State

29. New York Jets--It's no secret that the Jets were looking to draft Matt Leinart from the beginning and now the Jets snag the guy who will snap him the ball for years to come. Nick Mangold, known as one of the most gritty and hard working centers in the last ten years brings a lot to the table, and is something special on the offensive line. You know Mangold is good when he is being picked in the first round. Itís not every day that centers get selected in the first round. The Jets ultimately decided on Mangold over Mawae who is a proven NFL center let go in free agency.

With the twenty ninth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the New York Jets select Center Nick Mangold, Ohio State

30. Indianapolis Colts-Peyton Manning and the Colts had another disappointing season even though the defense finally stepped up and has earned respect. Indy could not hang onto Edgerrin James. James played a huge part into the Colts offense and he will be missed. The Colts have to find a replacement for such a playmaker on the offense now gone. Joseph Addai has been very impressive and he is one of those running backs that could sneak into the first round with his great speed and vision.

With the thirtieth overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Indianapolis Colts select Running Back Joseph Addai, LSU

31. Seattle Seahawks-Cries from the Super Bowl officiating are still out there. What happened, happened, and now the Steelers are Super Bowl Champs. Holmgren has to get ready for next season. After signing Julian Peterson I canít imagine Seattle going for a linebacker in round one. The biggest need becomes offensive guard. Only a select few offensive guards ever get drafted in the first round and I donít think that any of the guards qualify as a first round pick this year. Mathias Kiwanuka is a player that most people are forgetting about but he still has that potential to be a fierce pass rusher. Bryce Fischer and Grant Winstrom put up solid statistics but sometimes as a team you have to look for better than solid, especially in the NFL. Kiwanuka has that potential.

With the thirty first overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Seattle Seahawks select Defensive End Mathias Kiwanuka, Boston College

32. Pittsburgh Steelers-The Super Bowl Champs lose a great player in Jerome Bettis, a no doubt Hall of Fame Inductee. Blitzburgh also lost Antwaan Randle El and Chris Hope who contributed greatly to the Steelersí success; ultimately winning them the Super Bowl. Sinorice Moss is still available and is the kind of threat that Randle El was when he wore the yellow and black.

With the thirty second overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Pittsburgh Steelers select Wide Receiver Sinorice Moss, Miami


1. Denver trades 15 and 22 overall picks plus a first round pick next year to Houston for the number one overall pick.

2. Denver trades 15 and 22 overall picks to San Francisco for the sixth overall pick.

3. New York Jets trade 29 and 4 overall picks to the Saints for the second overall pick.

4. Dallas Cowboys trade down.

5. Dallas Cowboys trade up to the number two overall pick. I donít know the ramifications however the connection between Sean Payton and the Cowboys is an interesting one.

6. Denver Broncos trade 15 and 22 overall picks to the Green Bay Packers for the 5th overall pick.

And now this is how the site breaks down it's top 100 players.......

1 98.9 Reggie Bush* RB
2 97.0 D'Brick Ferguson OT
3 96.6 Mario Williams* DE
4 95.0 Matt Leinart QB
5 94.6 A.J. Hawk OLB
6 94.4 Vince Young* QB
7 93.8 Vernon Davis* TE
8 93.4 Michael Huff SS
9 92.2 Haloti Ngata* DT
10 92.2 DeAngelo Williams RB
11 92.0 LenDale White* RB
12 91.6 Jimmy Williams CB
13 91.2 Jay Cutler QB
14 90.6 Chad Greenway OLB
15 90.2 Winston Justice* OT
16 90.0 Santonio Holmes* WR
17 89.8 Tamba Hali DE
18 89.6 Tye Hill CB
19 89.4 Laurence Maroney* RB
20 89.4 Brodrick Bunkley DT
21 89.2 Leonard Pope* TE
22 89.2 Chad Jackson* WR
23 89.0 Ernie Sims* OLB
24 88.8 Ashton Youboty* CB
25 88.6 DeMeco Ryans OLB
26 88.4 Mathias Kiwanuka DE
27 88.4 Marcus McNeill OT
28 88.2 Bobby Carpenter OLB
29 87.8 Ko Simpson* FS
30 87.6 Gabe Watson DT
31 87.6 Antonio Cromartie* CB
32 87.4 Eric Winston OT
33 87.2 Manny Lawson OLB
34 87.2 Thomas Howard OLB
35 87.0 Marcedes Lewis TE
36 86.8 Kamerion Wimbley DE
37 86.6 Sinorice Moss WR
38 86.4 Nick Mangold C
39 86.2 Darnell Bing* SS
40 86.0 Max Jean-Gilles OG
41 85.8 Claude Wroten DT
42 85.6 Donte Whitner* SS
43 85.4 Jon Scott OT
44 85.2 Derek Hagan WR
45 85.0 Jason Allen FS
46 84.8 Abdul Hodge MLB
47 84.6 Joseph Addai RB
48 84.4 D'Qwell Jackson MLB
49 84.2 Anthony Fasano* TE
50 84.0 Richard Marshall* CB
51 83.8 Daryn Colledge OT
52 83.6 Johnathan Joseph* CB
53 83.4 Rodrique Wright DT
54 82.8 Brian Calhoun* RB
55 82.6 Ryan O'Callaghan OT
56 82.6 Maurice Drew* RB
57 82.2 Dominique Byrd TE
58 82.0 Maurice Stovall WR
59 81.8 Jonathan Lewis DT
60 81.6 Martin Nance WR
61 81.4 Andrew Whitworth OT
62 81.2 Kelly Jennings CB
63 81.0 Alan Zemaitis CB
64 81.0 Davin Joseph OG
65 80.8 Jeremy Trueblood OT
66 80.6 Charles Spencer OG
67 80.4 Demetrius Williams WR
68 80.0 Darryl Tapp DE
69 79.8 Taitusi Lutui OG
70 79.4 Pat Watkins FS
71 79.0 Joe Klopfenstein TE
72 78.8 Daniel Bullocks SS
73 78.6 Jesse Mahelona DT
74 78.2 Dee Webb* CB
75 78.0 Elvis Dumervil DE
76 77.6 DeMario Minter CB
77 77.4 Omar Jacobs* QB
78 77.2 Greg Eslinger C
79 77.0 Cedric Griffin CB
80 76.6 Greg Blue FS
81 76.2 Jason Avant WR
82 76.0 Dusty Dvoracek DT
83 75.8 Devin Hester* WR
84 75.6 Gerris Wilkinson MLB
85 75.4 Orien Harris DT
86 75.0 Will Blackmon CB
87 74.8 Babatunde Oshinowo DT
88 74.4 Kai Parham* MLB
89 74.2 Kyle Williams DT
90 74.0 Jerome Harrison RB
91 73.8 Roman Harper FS
92 73.4 DonTrell Moore RB
93 73.2 Anwar Phillips CB
94 72.8 Leon Washington RB
95 72.6 Ryan Cook C
96 72.0 Charlie Whitehurst QB
97 71.4 Ray Edwards* DE
98 71.3 Jonathan Orr WR
99 71.2 Rocky McIntosh OLB
100 70.0 Brandon Marshall WR

04-16-2006, 12:09 AM
If this draft day scenario played out like this, I would just shit if Mario Williams landed in the Raiders lap.

Cave Johnson
04-16-2006, 01:05 AM
We're looking at a QB at 20? This guy is smoking crack.

04-16-2006, 08:44 AM

3. New York Jets trade 29 and 4 overall picks to the Saints for the second overall pick.

Let's play with this one a little bit using this point system...


...The Saints #2 pick is worth 2600
...The Jets #4 pick is worth 1800, so the Jets need 800 more points.
...Our #20 pick is worth 850. If the Jets had this pick, they could trade #4 and #20 to the Saints, and keep their other four overall picks by making a trade (two pick swap actually) with us. Here it is...

...Our #20 which is worth 850 and
...Our #54 which is worth 360, for a total of 1210 points


...The Jets #29 which is worth 640 points and
...The Jets #35 which is worth 550 points, for a total of 1190 points.

The Jets get to #2 and get thier man, and we two players at 29 and 35 who could both start and help this team. Use either this mock draft, or the Huddle's 7 rounder, and pick your two players at 29 and 35.

Enjoy! :toast: