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04-17-2006, 10:41 PM


Stop the presses!

Time magazine wins the Ryan-Republican 'party affiliation that dare not speak its name' award, knocking the AP back into a distant second.

As we mentioned earlier, the AP really, really didn't seem to want to mention that George Ryan, the former Illinois governor convicted of corruption today, is a Republican. The AP waited until the very end of the article to note that Ryan is from the GOP.

Time never got around to mentioning it. But that alone didn't get them so clearly into the winner's circle.

While failing to mention the party affiliation of the guy who got indicted, they did manage to have this as the second sentence of the article ...

On Monday, former Governor George Ryan, 72, became the third of the state's last six governors to be convicted of political misdeeds, and the current administration of Democrat Rod Blagojevich is also being investigated.

It's almost a tour de force of party ID bamboozlement. Time, we salute you!

(ed.note: Special note of thanks to TPM Reader SS for the tip.)

-- Josh Marshall