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04-19-2006, 12:08 AM
Anybody catch either of the shows in KC, Monday and Tuesday?

I went both nights. Had a great time in both instances. The Midland is a great venue for a show. Just ornate and so well preserved inside, spacious and comfortable in the seating. The restroom situation could be better and there's only two exits, but what are you going to do with a movie theater from the 20s?

Merle Haggard opened both nights. I'm not a country music guy, and can't remember when I've seen it perfomed live before, but Haggard was excellent. Good old school sound, polished presentation from a sprawling 9-piece outfit. He sounded just as good as in recordings you hear, cracked some jokes and entertained well. The highlight of the set both nights I would say was 'are the good times really over'.

Dylan's band really sounded good, and their newer, somewhat more upbeat and rock-oriented arrangements worked well.

The sets Monday and Tuesday nights were almost all different, with the exception of the encores and 'the lonesome death of hattie carroll' which appeared both times.

Last night included 'things have changed', 'the times they are a changin', 'stuck inside of mobile with the memphis bues again', 'ballad of a thin man', 'I don't believe you', and 'cat's in the well' finished the regular set. Tonight, 'most likely...', 'tamborine man', 'masters of war', 'don't think twice', 'rainy day women'.

Both nights the encores were 'like a rolling stone', which came off very well, and 'watchtower' with the Hendrix-like presentation. Good way to close things down.

Dylan sounded fairly good, his voice isn't as strong as it once was, but it was well acted and went in his somewhat improvisational style. There was no guitar from him, he played the keyboard and harp just left of center stage. He definitely has not lost anything on the harmonica though, it was always right on the money when it meandered in and out of the set.

Great shows from someone I wasn't sure I would get to see, catch him on tour if you have the chance.

04-19-2006, 03:03 PM
I wish I would have went to the American to see him in STL......