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04-22-2006, 08:40 AM
Chiefs trade pick for Dolphins' Surtain
By Doug Tucker, AP Sports Writer | April 22, 2005

KANSAS CITY, Mo. --For three straight years, one of the NFL's greatest offenses has been chained to one of the worst defenses, a snorting, high-strung race horse hooked to a milk wagon. Now, with the acquisition of two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Patrick Surtain in a deal with the Miami Dolphins, the defensively inept Kansas City Chiefs have completed a three-pronged plan to revamp and retool even before the NFL draft that starts Saturday.

"I've always said that players win games, and obviously we're pleased to have added four quality players to our defense," head coach Dick Vermeil said Friday.

Surtain, 28, agreed to a seven-year deal Friday, and the Chiefs agreed to give Miami their second-round pick in exchange for the man whose 25 interceptions the past three years lead the league. Kansas City also moved up nine places in the fifth round by switching spots with the Dolphins.

Already on board as free agent signees were inside linebacker Kendrell Bell, safety Sammy Knight and pass-rush specialist Carlos Hall.

"I think we have four guys who will come in and make an immediate impact on us getting better," Vermeil said. "Probably at least three or four will start. It will also create competition with the people who are already here and make them even better."

Surtain's 29 career interceptions are tied for third in Dolphins history. The 5-foot-11, 192-pounder will play on the right side opposite Eric Warfield, who has been the only consistent performer in a secondary that was continuously torched for three straight years.

"Any time you add a player of my caliber and Sammy's, and Kendrell Bell and Carlos Hall, of course your defense is going to get better," Surtain said by cell phone as he rode from the airport en route to his physical.

"At the same time, they've had some good defensive players in the past. You can't discount those guys. You need the full 11 to get the job done. It's still a team effort."

The Surtain deal had been more than a month in the making, but getting it accomplished before the draft gives the Chiefs many more options. They will probably still go for defense, perhaps an outside linebacker, but may also trade down with their 15th choice in the first round.

Surtain said he had nothing bad to say about the Dolphins, who needed to unload his $8.3 million salary.

"I won't say it (the trade) was a no-brainer, because you're giving up a great player," he said. "I don't think a second-round pick can replace that. But, like I said, it's a new chapter in my life and I'm looking forward to it."

Kansas City's poor defense has wasted the consistent production of a top-flight offense that sent five players to the Pro Bowl last season.

"The most important thing about Patrick Surtain is he's a tremendous cover guy," said defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham. "He comes up with the ball and he gets turnovers. He's a playmaker."

Surtain agrees.

"I don't compare myself to anybody," he said. "I feel I'm a unique corner in the fact I can play outside, I can play in the slot. I play bump-and-run. I have great instincts. I'm a playmaker. I'm a student of the game. So any time you combine those assets you come out with a great player. I'm pretty sure guys are comparing their games to me, but I think I'm unique in my own right."

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I think this is a repost

Skip Towne
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Chiefs trade pick for Dolphins' Surtain
By Doug Tucker, AP Sports Writer | April 22, 2005

Ahem, it's the one-year anniversary. :shake:

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Gimme a ****in break.

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Happy anniversary.
now 29 yo. with 6 years remaining on his contract.

Better be getting it done this year too.

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F'n n00bs.

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WTF? ROFL He cannot be serious with this.

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can you tell me what i had for dinner last night?

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Let's do the time warp again...

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I hear we may make a trade for Trent Green...

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Since Rausch isn't here at the moment....