View Full Version : ***** OFFICIAL ***** NFL Draft rumor thread

04-27-2006, 09:54 AM
Ok, fine, so I just wanted one of my own OFFICIAL threads. Sue me.

The rumor engines are runnin full bore, so thought it might be fun to post them in when you hear em.

~ Pittsburgh rumored to be interested in moving up from 32.

~ Oakland rumored to be looking at moving up for a QB, reportedly Young.

~ Tennessee rumored to be taking Young, who is the GM's choice, over the desired choice of the coaching staff in Leinart.

~ Jets rumored to NOT be enamored with any of the big 3 QBs at the 4th overall pick, and are now targetting Croyle(or some other QB) in the 2nd.

~ Baltimore rumored to be moving down, out of 13, if Ngata is not available, who could be selected with the pick prior by division rival Cleveland. Frankly, this one smacks of smokescreen. Why specifically mention 1 player, who might be taken by a division rival, if other than to encourage that rival to take exactly that player?

There are many more, this is just to name a few.