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First off this guy has obviously tanked in the NFL and he's not someone I want starting on my team, but I don't want any of our backup QBs to start. Why weren't the Chiefs willing to give up a 5th round pick for the guy? He would surely be able to beat out our current backup qbs and we could have saved that 3rd round pick for someone on defense. I didn't watch Croyle in college, but I can't imagine that he'd be able to help the team as much as a CB or DL in the next 3-5 years.


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And then our heroes found out Pat Bowlen's fur coats are made from the pubic hairs of murdered grandmothers.

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After four difficult seasons in Detroit, quarterback Joey Harrington felt he found a safe landing place by agreeing to be traded to the Miami Dolphins and working out a financial deal.

Joey Harrington
Detroit Lions

Att Comp Yds TD Int Rat
330 188 1885 12 12 72.0

That ride might get tougher Sunday. The Lions failed to convince him this week to readjust his contract for a trade with the Chiefs or the Browns, so on Sunday morning, they plan to get tough. They are considering trading him to the Browns for a fourth- or fifth-round choice, and if he refuses to go, they are threatening to challenge his agreement with the Dolphins.

Harrington visited the Dolphins and the Bengals after the Lions gave him permission to shop himself with a trade. He canceled a visit to the Broncos and decided to go to the Dolphins. Harrington and the Dolphins worked out a two-year agreement that would facilitate the trade. Because he has a $4.45 million salary and a $4 million roster bonus due around June 15, Harrington needs to restructure his contract before any trade.

Although Lions president Matt Millen told Harrington he would let him go where the quarterback wanted, the Lions don't want to trade him for the sixth-round choice in 2007 being offered by the Dolphins. The Lions prefer a draft choice Sunday.

A trade could be tricky with the Browns, who have seven second day draft choices. One possibility would be to make a trade with Cleveland that is contingent on Harrington reworking his deal with the Browns, and if he couldn't, he could be traded back to the Lions.

The Dolphins' position is that Harrington wants to join their team. The Lions' position is that the collective bargaining agreement doesn't permit a secret deal and might go to the NFL Management Council for help.

The market for Harrington in a trade diminished when the Broncos drafted Jay Cutler and the Chiefs drafted Brodie Croyle, leaving the Browns as one of the few options for the Lions aside from Miami.

For Harrington, it means his exit from Detroit could become as difficult as his four-year stay.

John Clayton is a senior NFL writer for ESPN.com.