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Mr. Kotter
04-30-2006, 08:41 PM
I've gotta say, this is the second draft in a row since '96 or '97 when I haven't screamed "Damn it, Carl....you're FIRED!!!" at my television. :)

Carl and Herm addressed need but also got pretty good good value for their picks (except in the second round.) Other than the usual second round "reach" by Carl, the only real head-scratchers were not addressing the CB position earlier, and neglecting to address the DT position entirely. And FWIW, if you are gonna reach, a guy called "BoneCrusher" is a good one to "reach" for. :D

1st Round: Tamba "The Liberian Nightmare" Hali, DE/Penn State http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/2006/hali_tamba
http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/sc.../tambahali.html (http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/de/tambahali.html)

Tenacious "high motor" pass rusher, to complement Jared Allen. He's apparently quick off the ball, and explodes into the backfield; however, he holds his own against the run. Great intangibles and character, who is still improving as a player. Concerns about his size, and straight line speed moved him down according to some accounts. A solid and safe choice who could become a Pro Bowl player. Though unspectacular--he's no Eddie Freeman. I know it's blasphemy at this point, but I can't help but envision Dwight Freeney watching video of him.

2nd Round: Bernard "BoneCrusher" Pollard, SS/Purdue
** MUST SEE Video link-->> http://youtube.com/watch? (http://youtube.com/watch?v=sZaF4AniLfg&sea...rnard%20pollard)
http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/sc...ardpollard.html (http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/s/bernardpollard.html)

A Strong Safety with a nickname, "BoneCrusher"? What more do you need to know? Heh. Okay, his 40 yd speed is 4.6, and while respectable is a concern for some. He strikes me as the kind of player who "plays" faster than they "time." He is extremely tough, physical, and intimidating; a sure tackler who is instinctive and excels against the run. Think a young Sammy Knight (without the $2 million salary in 2007) or John Lynch. His lack of top end speed and consistent coverage skills make him more suited to Herm's Cover-2 defense. Some even project him at OLB.

3rd Round: Brodie "The Next Tom Brady?" Croyle, QB/Alabama http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/2006/croyle_brodie
http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/sc...odiecroyle.html (http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/qb/brodiecroyle.html)

Smart, decisive leader who makes good decisions and has a stronger arm than many give him credit for. Naturally athletic, he is also accurate and has good touch on his passes. A pocket passer who uses his savvy, rather than his feet to avoid pressure and sacks. Has had some nagging injuries and needs to get healthy, and add some weight to his frame. Two years of holding a clipboard on the sidelines, along with a commitment to the weight room could turn him into the Chief's QBOTF, and a real steal as the 85th pick in this draft. Or he could become another Pat Barnes or Mike Elkins.

5th Round: Marcus "Hey, Warfield Was a 7th rounder" Maxey, CB/Miami (FL) http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/2006/maxey_marcus
http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/sc...arcusmaxey.html (http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/cb/marcusmaxey.html)

Many fans were disappointed waiting until the 5th round to address what many believe will be a major weakness next year, especially with the departure of Eric Warfield. Croyle's availability in the 3rd, coupled with Herm's apparent comfort level with the current CBs on the roster, caused the Chief's to pass on a number of talented CBs who will likely have good NFL careers. Maxey is big, athletic, fast, and he seems to have good instincts. The downside? He's raw and inexperienced. He is still learning the position--kinda like a Warflield 9 years ago. A good special teams player who could develop quickly, or become another William Bartee.

6th Round: Tre "I'm no Will Shields, yet" Stallings, OG/Ole Miss http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/2006/stallings_tre
http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/sc...estallings.html (http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/og/trestallings.html)

Smart, with good size and technique, he is versatile and experienced. He started all four years in college at both tackle positions, but is projected to move inside as a Pro. Some have questioned his work ethic, and toughness. If he hits the weight room and stops relying on his talent and bloodlines (dad played in the NFL), he could challenge Wellbourne and Black as the heir apparent when Will Shields retires. I'd have preferred they went DT with this pick, but if this kid comes on....we may have found a replacement for Shields.

6B: Jeff "Think Sylvester Morris, with Speed" Webb, WR/San Diego State http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/2006/webb_jeff
http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/sc...r/jeffwebb.html (http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/wr/jeffwebb.html)

A lot of folks seemed surprised that he dropped out of the 3rd or 4th round, so this pick would seem to be a good value. He's big, athletic, and fast, but also has good hands and is acrobatic catching the ball. He is confident, and was very productive in college. Apparently, he needs to work on his routes, and running after the catch. Another good young WR, with "potential," to add to the stable of Parker, Thorpe, and McIntyre.

7th Round: Jared "Surely I Can Beat-Out Woods and Bartee" Page, SS/UCLA http://www.nfl.com/draft/profiles/2006/page_jarrad
http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/sc...jarradpage.html (http://www.nfldraftcountdown.com/scoutingreports/s/jarradpage.html)

Naturally athletic, with great size, Page has only adequate speed for a safety. This pick probably sends both Bartee and Woods packing come June. Another SS who's size and lack of top-end speed may get him moved to OLB. Experienced and instinctive, he should be a quick study. A very good baseball player, who was also drafted in MLB, he's decided to commit to football last fall. We'll soon see if that was a good decision.

JMHO, based on what I read and heard over the weekend. Fire away...

Thoughts, comments??? :hmmm:

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Mr. Kotter
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Yeah, yeah....:p

I figured it probably should spend a day or two over in the Lounge, but I wanted to get my opinion out to the "real" football fans at ChiefsPlanet too.....heh. ;)