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Real Video - Kyle Turley - OTA - 300k

Q: Can you talk about your first day out here?

TURLEY: ďItís just getting back here and learning the offense. Obviously Iíve got a long way to go to pick this scheme up. First days are always a little awkward with the new system, but Iíve got a great deal of help from the coaches here and some familiarity with John Matsko, the offensive line coach, working with him in St. Louis. So it should be a pretty good transition.Ē

Q: What kind of learning curve will there be for you? Will it be as hard as going to another team?

turleyvid TURLEY: ďNo, football is football, itís not rocket science. Itís just terminology so just picking up the different terminology, learning how they call things and just picking up and going from there. A defense is still a defense in this league as far Iím aware of it hasnít changed over the last two years.Ē

Q: What about playing right tackle? I know you tried out as a tight end with some other teams. Tell me what you have to do to get back to playing tackle?

TURLEY: ďThe ultimate goal has always been to get back to my original position that I played for my first years in the league and thatís been the ultimate goal. Obviously Iíve had a lot of things go against that with a back injury and a weight-loss situation, but I fought back from that and itís continued to come along very well. The weight is coming along very strong and keeping my back in good form so as much as I can put on and the doctors say my back can handle weíll go from there. But I feel very comfortable at my original position once again since Iíve been getting back out there on the football field participating in the mini-camp in Miami and then coming here and doing workouts.Ē

Q: Did the guys even recognize you?

TURLEY: ďYeah, Iíve dropped a few pounds and lost the long hair so there have been some changes.Ē

Q: What is you weight right now?

TURLEY: ďAbout 275.Ē

Q: What do you need to play at?

TURLEY: ďIím not too concerned with the weight. Football is a technique game. Obviously you canít be where I was at 235 pounds and still play offensive line; you definitely need to put on some weight. But once you get up there and your strength is back itís basically leverage, quickness and body position. Especially on the offensive line, itís more of a mental game than it is a physical game for the most part once you get up to 275, 280. There have been some guys who have had a lot of success playing lighter and Iíve learned from those guys over the years. Tunch Ilkin, Mark Stepnowski and those guys play at a lighter weight and then look at the Denver Broncos offensive line and how well they have been able to do. I think only a few of their guys are over 280.Ē

Q: What do you anticipate to happen to your weight then?

TURLEY: ďI anticipate to continue to put more weight on. Iím at 275 right now and growing. Itís going to be good weight. Itís not weight Iím putting on eating a bunch of pizzas, Iím very monitored with my diet and my strength training right now to stay as lean as possible and that it is positive weight for my back.Ē

Q: You are convinced that your back can hold up?

TURLEY: ďYeah, and the doctors are convinced. Iím going off of the doctors and their expert opinions and Iíve been able to pass the tests that theyíve given me, so Iím confident.Ē

Q: Whatís your role going to be with the Chiefs?

TURLEY: ďTo play offensive line. Thatís obviously going to be seen when training camp comes around. We have some talent here. Obviously T John Welbourn and T Willie Roaf are tremendous players and there are some big shoes to fill coming back in here. I have to prove myself again, so itís just going to be a process of working my way back into the system and everything will take care of itself.Ē

Q: With your extended time off from football, how long do you think it will take you to get back to game speed?

TURLEY: ďYouíve got to play games to get ready for games. So like I said, that will all take care of itself once training camp rolls around and at the end of the preseason everything will fall in to place. Iím confident in that I know the game of football, Iíve been taught by the best and I have a lot experience at the offensive line position. Iím confident going back, just learning the system and getting back in here. Thatís why it was important for me to get with a team this off-season and not stretch it in to training camp so I could get familiar with the system and getting to work and as the weight progresses weíll see what happens.Ē

Q: Not only are you trying to get back into football, but I heard youíre going to be in Rambo IV?

TURLEY: ďNo, I think that film fell through.Ē

Q: During your time off didnít you do a movie?

TURLEY: ďYeah, I did a film called 75, it was a horror movie and it was a good experience. I had a great time doing that and itís in pre-production right now hoping to get picked up by a main distributor. So weíll see what happens.Ē

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Rambo??? Wonder if Sly is still playing him....