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11-30-2000, 01:38 PM
If somebody has already started a thread on this, sorry to pollute the board with this BAD situation.

The more I read about this the more it makes me want to puke. This guy need to be hammered to the full extent of the law. I just read he planned the whole thing to avoid paying child support. What a conplete slimeball!! The guy was making quite a lot of money in the NFL, and he doesn't want to pay up? Wow. Nail 'em to the wall, I say.

rh :o for humanity

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11-30-2000, 01:42 PM
SAD :(

Maybe he can hire O J's lawyers?

11-30-2000, 01:49 PM
I think he should be "walkin' the green mile" to sit in the "yellow mama" and ride some lightening....

and yes that is my sensative solution.

Baby Lee
11-30-2000, 01:55 PM
One question in this case, and one only. Do they or don't they wet the sponge?

11-30-2000, 01:57 PM
maybe with urine...and let her family "wet" it in front on him...

11-30-2000, 01:59 PM
Would an amonia based liquid conduct electricity better than just h2o?

Brian K.

The future is much like the present, only longer.

[i]Don Quisenberry </I>

11-30-2000, 02:08 PM
i've been thinking..electricity costs money....have you ever seen the movie "a man called horse"...hang em by the pecks with some chicken bones, make them wiggle until they drop into a pit of hungry opposums...do you know what they eat first?

cruel and unusual? or pay per view....contest with caruth, OJ and Lewis..

11-30-2000, 02:33 PM
All I can say is I'm glad we didn't follow all the 'experts' and draft this guy like 'they' said we should have.

11-30-2000, 02:36 PM
Is this a societal thing? It seems like more people don't want to accept responsibility for their actions (pregnant wife, child support) than ever before. Maybe it's just the media coverage that makes it seem that way, but I think America is moving in that direction. Am I imagining this stuff?

hopin' fer an O.J./Carruth Texas caged death match...<BR>

11-30-2000, 02:36 PM
has anyone seen "The Bone Collector"? If you have you'll recognize my thought for his punishment.

Chain the sob to pole. Slice his body up so it bleeds nicely, but not so much he dies. Hang an amonia capsule in front of his nose so the puke doesn't pass out from shock. Turn loose sewer rats on his *** and watch him suffer!!!


damn right I'm for capital punishment - daily!

Mark M
11-30-2000, 03:02 PM
Haven't seen the Bone Collector, but I saw "Seven." Just pick one of those...that should do the trick.

I don't know if it's societal, generational or just all of the media coverage, but it seems to me that the most folks in the world (not just the US) are taking less responsibility for their actions, are becoming increasingly rude, self-centered and hostile and are just generally making this planet an annoying and un-safe place to be.

--Wants on the first flight to Mars...or the moon...or Europa...or wherever the hell Gore and Bush and Carruth aren't.