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06-15-2006, 04:14 PM

Q: Where was Eddie Kennison today? Is there something going on with him?

HERM EDWARDS: “He’s fine. There was something he had to get taken care of. I knew of it about a month ago. He’s not here. He didn’t play hooky.”

Q: What about an update on Dante Hall’s injury?

EDWARDS: “His thumb’s sore. We’re just resting him.”

Q: Tamba Hali is running with the first team defense. How’s that coming along?

EDWARDS: “He’s doing pretty well. Last week he had a sore knee but this week he kind of turned it up a little bit. Obviously, it’s a rotation system and he’s going to rotate with the first string.”

Q: Do you view him as a guy who has a really good chance for the starting lineup?

EDWARDS: “Obviously, he’s going to be in a rotation system. Whether he starts on opening day or not, he’s going to be in the rotation and going to play a lot on the football field. When you play defense you never just have one guy that plays the whole game. You’re going to play the best seven guys on the defensive line and rotate those guys. They’ll have an opportunity to play.”

Q: You got some work in today for Trent (Green). Can you talk about that?

EDWARDS: “He worked yesterday, too. It’s what you’d expect. Some things he’s a little rusty at but obviously we just felt we needed to keep him out and let the young guys have most of the reps. He can handle a lot of situations. He makes a lot of great reads. He knows what to do with the football. Obviously we have to play a little bit different because two of our tight ends aren’t here. But that was good because we got to work with more wide receivers. We plan on doing that in the games.”

Q: Were you able to look at last year and see how not giving Trent as much good benefited him?

EDWARDS: “It benefited him pretty good, in my estimation. After a while quarterbacks have only so many throws in their arms. There are certain things you’ve got to make sure you’re conscious when you ask them to do them. We’ve got two young quarterbacks who’ve got to get a lot of reps and it’s good for them to get the opportunity.”

Q: Do you feel Kendrell Bell can get back to the level he was those first couple of years in Pittsburgh?

EDWARDS: “Yeah. I think what hurt him a little bit last year was the new system and he had some injuries. That’s going to happen when you move teams (Pittsburgh to Kansas City). You learn something different. He’s getting better every day.”

Q: Are you getting accomplished what you want with the OTA’s (On the field activities)? Are you getting your message across?

EDWARDS: “We’ve got four (practices) left. It’s not so much my message, but the football team’s message. The team has to understand where they want to go. Do they want to be a playoff team? It takes a lot of hard work to do that? But I think they’ve got the right frame of mind. We’ve got some good players but we’ve got to come together as a team, do the little things to win games on the road and the tough ones. I think these guys understand that.”

Q: The injury to Ben Roethlisberger on his motorcycle has reverberated about the league. Do you see that as something you should address with your team?

EDWARDS: “I addressed that with the team and one of those kids who was shown on ESPN was on my team: Jamie Henderson. I got the call at 1:30 in the morning. The next couple of days my wife and I flew down to Atlanta and saw him in the hospital. They didn’t think he was going to walk again.

“I told them they’re all grown men. I’m not telling them what to do but that they have choices to make. The choices have consequences and we went through the scenario that happened to Ben and I’m glad he’s going to be OK. But you’ve got to understand for every choice you make there are going to be consequences. For the most part, I think this club covers that under the contracts that we write.

“You’ve got to be careful. But these guys are athletes. You can’t tell them; you can suggest to them that there are certain things they shouldn’t do, and for some guys it’s in their contracts. But there are other things they’re going to do and you’ve got to hope they aren’t seriously injured when they do it.”

NJ Chief Fan
06-15-2006, 04:18 PM
whos jaime henderson and what happend to him?

06-15-2006, 04:28 PM
Jaime Henderson was a corner with the jets. He got into a motorcyle accident, but he was wearing a helmet. I believe he went head first into a pole...