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06-29-2006, 04:21 PM
Looks like he finally might come around and vote for DT for the hall of fame....but he's still a tool. But if he votes for DT...I'll forgive him for being a tool for at least a year.


Who should Canton call?
Weak '07 class could open door for recent also-rans

Nine-time Pro Bowler Derrick Thomas once had seven sacks in one game, an NFL record.
Tom Hauck/Getty Images

The Hall of Fame class of 2007 will be the Year of the Rehash.

The selectors have gotten used to shoo-ins. In January, Troy Aikman and Reggie White were chalk, and Harry Carson and Warren Moon were very strong candidates. Add two seniors to that and the quota was filled. Two years ago we could pencil in Steve Young and Dan Marino before we even filed into the room for our selection meeting. The year before that, John Elway and Barry Sanders ate up another two spots without much debate. Now it's a grab bag.

Of the first-time eligibles coming up, only Bruce Matthews, who put in 19 seasons with the Houston Oilers and the Tennessee Titans, would be considered a strong candidate, and even he isn't what you'd call a shoo-in. I mean, I'll probably wind up voting for him, but if it comes down to Matthews against another guard, holdover Bob Kuechenberg, my vote goes to Kooch, for whom I've been pushing as long as I can remember.

Not that the class of '07 is composed of stiffs. They're good players, but going down the list, the strongest candidates I can find -- Matthews, QB Randall Cunningham, guards Randall McDaniel and Steve Wisniewski, safety LeRoy Butler, tackle Erik Williams -- are not, to my mind, Hall of Famers, at least compared with the people who have lost out in recent years.

Terrell Davis will generate much debate, and it will get emotional. The Denver rep in the room will talk about the way Davis came onto the scene from nowhere and led the Broncos to two Super Bowl victories. But the matter of longevity -- sadly, only four productive seasons out of an injury-shortened seven-year career -- will ding him.

So for two hours or so we will rehash the same names that have been floating around for the last two or three years and have gotten bumped in the final round. You know who they are -- L.C. Greenwood, Claude Humphrey, Russ Grimm, Art Monk, my man Kuechenberg, Derrick Thomas, Michael Irvin, Thurman Thomas, Gary Zimmerman. A lot of strong names there; I'm not sure that Matthews will even make it to the final round of 15 and get his name entered in the debate.

Who will I vote for? Most likely people I was very sorry to see miss out in recent seasons. Once again I will carry the Kuechenberg banner. I've spoken for him all five times his name has come up in the room as one of the finalists. He was the left guard on one of the finest middle-threes of all time, the Super Bowl Dolphins of the 1970s. Jim Langer, the center, and Larry Little, the right guard, were enshrined. I get the feeling the selectors said, "That's enough. Enough Miami linemen." And Kooch, the best of all of them, got stiffed.

The second guy I've lobbied for, Joe Klecko, has never even reached the finals. He hasn't gotten enough votes in the prelims. He played defensive end, a power end, early in his career and was as sound against the run as any lineman in the game. The year before they started officially counting sacks, he collected 20.

Then he moved inside, first to DT, then to the nose, played the two-gap, destroyed the double team, sacrificed his career as a sacker to become the most feared interior lineman in football. And he can't get into the selection room -- to enable me to get out my violin and sing his praises.

I think Derrick Thomas, the K.C. sack machine who has lost out for the last two years as a finalist, will get my vote this time. Ditto Thurman Thomas, the engine that ran the Bills' K-Gun run-and-shoot offense and got them into four Super Bowls.

"You'll notice," Jim Kelly used to say, "they call it the run-and-shoot, with run first, not the other way around. Thurman is the guy who makes it go."

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Crap. Let the public humiliation commence........