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Hammock Parties
07-03-2006, 02:38 PM
In the harems of Egypt it's good to behold
The fairest of harlots appear,
But the fairest, a Greek was owned by a sheik
Named Abdul Abulbul Amir!

A traveling brothel came into the town
Run by a pimp from afar
Whose great reputation had traveled the nation:
'Twas Ivan Skavinsky Scavar!

Abdul the Bulbul arrived with his bride
A prize whose eyes shone like a star
He claimed he could prong more cunts with his dong
Than Ivan Skavinsky Scavar!

A day was arranged for the spectacle great;
A visit was planned by the Czar!
And the kerbs were all lined with harlots reclined
In honour of Ivan Scavar!

They met on the track with their tools hanging slack
Dressed only in shoes and a leer,
Both were fast on the rise but folks gasped at the size
Of Abdul Abulbul Amir!

The cunts were all shorn, and no rubbers adorned
The prongs of the pimp and the peer,
But the pimp's steady stroke soon left without hope
The chance of the Abulbul Amir!

They worked thru the night til the dawn's early light
The clamor was heard from afar
The multitudes came to applaud the ball game
Of Abdul and Ivan Scavar!

When Ivan had finished, he turned to the Greek,
And laughed when she shivered in fear
She swallowed his pride, he buggered the bride
Of Abdul Abulbul Amir!

When Ivan was done, and was wiping his gun,
He bent down to polish his gear;
He felt, up his ass, a hard pecker pass;
'Twas Abdul Abulbul Amir!

The crowd loudly howled that it was a foul,
They were ordered to part, by the Czar,
But fast they were jammed; the pecker was crammed
In Ivan Skavinsky Scavar!

Now, the cream of the joke, when apart they were broke
Was laughed at for years by the Czar:
For Abdul the Bulbul left most of his tool
In Ivan Skavinsky Scavar!

The fair Grecian maiden a sad vigil keeps
With a husband whose tastes have turned queer...
She longs for the dong that once did belong
To Abdul Abulbul Emir!