View Full Version : What about Hicks?

Iron Chef
12-05-2000, 10:39 AM
If he had not jumped offside on the last play of the half we could have tied the game with a field goal.

12-05-2000, 10:52 AM
That hurt, but he is one of the few guys that is making plays and giving a big effort. So am not about to put any blame on him.

12-05-2000, 10:55 AM
That play is exactly the kind of stupid mistake that Gun was supposed to eliminate when he was hired. Absolutely inexcusable.

As for Hicks, he's exactly the kind of player that you need a few of to win a Super Bowl in the salary cap age--undrafted free agents who perform like pro bowlers. He deserves a pat on the back for his overall play this year, though he also deserves a dopeslap for this stupid-play yesterday.

Iron Chef
12-05-2000, 10:58 AM
That is exactly the response I was looking for. My point is how can anyone blame Elvis for this loss? If we are going to blame one person why not Sly, Hicks, or Elvis? It all points to one thing. POOR coaching

12-05-2000, 11:15 AM
I definitely wouldn't blame Elvis solely for this loss. That last play was stupid but not completely inexcusable. If the deep posts really are covered, then the outlet has at least some chance of getting to the goal line by beating a defender or two one-on-one: as it happened, of course, he would have had to beat 3 or 4 defenders and he didn't even get past the first one. The play would have been better if Gonzo were a bit closer to the goal line, but I don't agree with the opinion that Gun and everyone else seems to have in hindsight that the pass should have been thrown into the end zone.

The loss yesterday was a team effort, in my opinion.

Also, I don't think there are many QBs who would have even been able to have an opportunity to win a game like that--Grbac racks up 70+ yard TDs at a pace that makes many of us think they're much more routine than they are. His 3rd TD drive was also impressive. Two quick strikes (in cold weather) that put us right back in the game.

I am more concerned with the Chiefs coaches (e.g. the persistance of stupid penalties) and our lack of a running game than I am with Grbac.