View Full Version : Last Night I stopped cussing them, almost!

LD for KC
12-05-2000, 12:05 PM
My Sundays have consisted of cussing the Chiefs for three hours, than feeling depressed the rest of the day. This is compounded by well-meaning friends calling Sunday and Monday asking, "what happened to your Chiefs"? Last night I set up my Christmas Village, and listened to them lose any chance of respectability. Until the final 4 minutes, when I was standing there CUSSING trying to WILL the damn ball into the Endzone. CHRIST, It ain't easy being a Chiefs fan. LD for KC (lurker)

12-05-2000, 12:11 PM
I know what you mean LD. For me it hasn't been easy going back to the playoff game in 97. Last year I thought they would pull it off, but again they choked in a crucial (might as well say playoff) game against Oakland.

But I don't give up. I plan on going Sunday but I tell you, I'm not real enthused about it.


12-05-2000, 02:22 PM
I started cussing them in the 4th Q. It seemed to help for a little while, so I kept screamin' at them. My neighors musta thought I was out of my freakin' mind!

rh :mad:<P>

12-05-2000, 02:32 PM
the normal cuss words won't do anymore, I've made up new ones....four letter words like Kurt, Raye, Mike...