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07-15-2006, 05:54 PM
So I went and upgraded to the new Cinglar (HT Wizard) 8125 Smartphone (PDA/Cell phone) the other day as my wife's Anniversary present to me. :) Shes having me get her a purse.

I missed carrying my PDA as I used it a ton in the past, but I couldnt not stand carrying PDA and a Cell Phone. So needless to say, at that time, cell phone won out.

With the new 8125, the few things that really seperated it from the rest for me was:
Keyboard - It has a full slide out QWERTY keyboard that is better then any I have ever used on a PDA. When the keyboard is slid out, the screen switches to a landscape display - which only makes sense - but it does it nice and quick Built in 802.11(b) WiFi - I believe this is about the first of its kind. Finally, I can get a Smartphone that I dont HAVE to pay an additional fee to use for data access as long as I have access to another regular WiFi connection. This is simply smart. Battery Life - most Smartphones need to be charged in less then a full day's use. Granted, this one gets 2 days on average between charges but at the sacrifice of a slower CPU. It has a whopping 195MHz chip (vs 300 - 600 on other models). However, if you install a Pocket PC application that actually TRULY closes programs when you exit (since Pocket PC only hides them by default) then I can honestly say that its performance is not noticable different from that of the faster chips.Anyways. I overall give it an 8 out of 10. It could stand to be a little slimmer... but overall, its a winner and I am having a blast with it. Its fun to check out ChiefsPlanet on my phone!