View Full Version : The destruction of our Chiefs these last few weeks is exactly what we want....

12-05-2000, 10:47 AM
everyone is always clamoring about getting new coaches or GMs or players but we all know that as long as the Chiefs win...nothing will ever get done...the front office becomes complacent...the $$$ is rolling in...the team, although not going to the SB is still successful...nothing changes...

Now, things can't help but change...so don't ***** about the losing and how bad the Chiefs suck...it's exactly what we've been asking for...

Now we can sit back and watch our dreams come true...I hope...


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12-05-2000, 10:49 AM
Actually, I am going to do both. I want changes, and I want to ***** about the losses.

Baby Lee
12-05-2000, 10:55 AM
I preface this question with the disclaimer that I am DESPARATELY grasping for reasons for the idiotic play at the end of the game [perhaps the single most idiotic I've ever seen from the Chiefs]. But is it possible that that play was on purpose? A mini-mutiny? The D showed it could stop in the crunch. The O showed it could drive in the crunch. But a win would pull a nail OUT of Gun's, Raye's, Schottsy's, Stock's, coffins.
Remember, just a wild supposition.

12-05-2000, 10:57 AM
After last night I'm through bitching...I will watch the games, but winning or losing won't make a difference...now I only hope that no one gets seriously injured...I can only hope that we can use the last three games to build for next season...time for the rookies to earn their stripes...

12-05-2000, 11:00 AM
JC, I know you are kidding but it might have the desired effect...

Archie F. Swin
12-05-2000, 12:05 PM
(((putting on the pants of a devil's advocate)))

I've seen the Chiefs play only 5 times this season.(because I can only rely on local cable TV)

Question One:
Is our biggest problem Gunther?

I've seen game after game slip by primarily because of player indiscretion, and complacency . Does Gunther deserve blame for his linemen jumping offsides? or Grbac not being a clutch player? or Richardson spiking the ball? I'm starting to think that some of the players on our defense just aren't very good. Is that Kurts fault?

Question Two:

If we do clean house . . . what are the odds we find someone who could do better?

What bothers me most watching this team is the overall lack of fire. . . so we could use a motivator, true, but are there some coaches out there, sittin on the couch putting together their proven game winning strategies, that could light a fire under these players asses that want to come to little ol' Kansas City?

Two Words . . . Dallas Cowboys
Jerry Jones thought he could solve all of thier problems with one move . . . fire the head coach . . . "Bye Switzer" . . . in comes
Gailey, team doesn't improve . . ."Bye Gailey" . . . in comes Campo, must I go on?

In the pre-season a lot of critics felt that the Chiefs would not make the playoff. Did they say that because " Gunther Cunningham is an Idiot."? or because we lack talent? or because of our rookies? or because of our schedule?

Is it possible we're just cycling though a downward trend? Maybe our team just isn't that good?

C.R. Pants
(The Resident Liberal)

12-05-2000, 12:08 PM
No, this team has enough talent to win. They simply aren't motivated properly. As for the Cowboys, they're just old.

12-05-2000, 12:12 PM
Chief, I don't buy the theory about our players not being that good...sure, we have our clunkers, but we have a solid core that should make the weaker players better...IMO..it takes strong coaching to motivate and get the most out of players...if a player is not performing...motivate him with a swift kick in the butt...

No, I can't blame everything on the coaches...just 75% of it...

If I had to guess...I would guess the players see the same inconsistencies in Gun that we do...

When you have the players we have, who in my opinion are almost as good as the Dallas team...then you have to assume it's the coaches fault...besides it's cheaper to fire the coach.

12-05-2000, 12:12 PM

It has nothing to do with not being motivated, it has to do with the players losing faith in the coaches. You can be a great motivator all you want, but when you call plays like these idiots it doesn't take long.

In the last 4 weeks, DA, Kimble, Gonzo, and EG have all said the SAME THING after losses "I'm not sure why we called that play."

Our players make mistakes, so do alot of players. But the players lack of fire is unmistakably due to them not having any faith in the coaching staff.

Somebody already suggested it, but I'll say it again. EG threw that pass last night to lose the game ON PURPOSE, so that Gunther will resign...

[b]ChiefsPlanet Administrator</B>

Archie F. Swin
12-05-2000, 12:12 PM
BTW . . . Gunther was jumpin around screamin towards the end, last night. . . . is it because he wants to know why the stupidity on the field continues to go on?

That's why I was jumpin around and screaming last night

Wasn't Gunther just actin like a Chiefs Fan last night?

Archie F. Swin
12-05-2000, 12:16 PM
double post

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Archie F. Swin
12-05-2000, 12:26 PM

if thats the case . . . Grbac should be fired.

Tribal Warfare
12-05-2000, 12:28 PM
Bye Bye Peterson he hates when his teams have top 10 picks. Remember last year around draft time he said that if the Chiefs ever had a top 10 pick he would resign.

12-05-2000, 12:37 PM
Has anyone thought about the fact that we may lose more than the coaching staff with a losing season? What about are top players who decide that they don't want to be part of a losing organazation? I mean it would break my heart and send me into great depression if we lose Gonzo. And you know there are a lot of teams who would pay big bucks for him. We have to find a way to make him want to stay, and losing games, and fans who want them to lose games does not inspire a lot of loyality in people. Think about it.

corn balls 28

12-05-2000, 12:39 PM

I would be willing to accept that we don't have a very good team until I look at some of the games we've played. Such as the Rams game. Even in the loss in TN we played fairly well. We went on a streak winning 5 of 6 games. We can win, and we have some good players.

So the questions becomes, what is the problem? I tend to think a lot of it has to do with the coaching, but that's just MHO. I freely admit that I could be totally wrong.

You picked a specific example of the defense jumping offsides. That problem has plagued us all season. And yeah, I feel like that's something that Gunther has failed to address. If he's the boss, he's got to get their attention so they quit making those little mental mistakes that add up to big mistakes. And yet it continues. On a fairly regular basis I might add. There is no excuse for a coaching team not addressing that.


12-05-2000, 12:42 PM
Gonzo is locked up through next year at least I believe...but you are right...the players have to believe that the team has a commitment to winning...we will see how strong that commitment is...

Besides, if the Chiefs are ever stupid enought to let Gonzo slip away, I personally will go out there and kick Carls arse...

12-05-2000, 12:47 PM
58, the Chiefs may not have any say in it. He may decide that it is not worth it to stay in a place like this. I am starting to wonder who could blame him?

corn balls 28

12-05-2000, 03:56 PM
The way I see it, we're on a roll to 5-11 and a great draft pick...