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07-18-2006, 11:04 PM
... the Planet thinks I'm under the minimum length, although, my wife disagrees...

I searched "Big Brother" and got a n "under length" message...

What happened on Big Brother All-stars tonight?...

My wife is willing to trade favors if I can find out first...

PAHLLEAZZZE!!!!!!!!!!!!! help a brother out...

big nasty kcnut
07-18-2006, 11:17 PM
Ok nokumis and diane are on the chopping block and erica chose not to use the power of veto.

big nasty kcnut
07-18-2006, 11:30 PM
As the HouseGuests come to terms with the unexpected nomination of Nakomis and Diane, secret alliances take on more of a public face. Jase, George and Erika step out from behind their game masks, appearing to align with Chilltown in an anti-S-6 Alliance.

“Being nominated sucks,” Diane says. Marcellas and Janelle wonder what is up with Kaysar as they argue Chilltown should have been nominated this week. Will thinks Kaysar’s nomination of “placeholders” Diane and Nakomis is brilliant as he “bought himself” a few weeks from Chilltown.

Diane spends the afternoon and evening weeping into her pillow. Even as Kay tries to comfort her, she reminds him she knows it is just a game. Still, Kaysar being Kaysar, the poor lug feels bad for her.

Nakomis feels “it’s a really big thing being put up next to a friend.” Diane admits she is not a “cutthroat person” and feels that she doesn’t belong in the house. “I hate that Nakomis is sitting (on the block) next to me,” she frowns. Nakomis points out that for all her pluses, Diane has a “knack at making people feel sorry for her,” and wonders if she will use it to save herself this week. Mike “Boogie” drops by to dish out a hug to his honey Diane, swearing he did not make a deal with Kaysar. Lying to her face, Mike plays his sweet-guy routine to win a hug from Diane, who resumes crying soon after. Mike isn’t worried about Chilltown’s survival in the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS house, declaring, “We play without fear,” adding Chilltown will be running the house in no time.
The ubiquitous fish tank has ben replaced this season with the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS pet tarantulas. As usual, the tarantulas are named, but this time in honor of past HouseGuests. Janey sighs that she wishes the spiders were something a little more “beautiful, nice and feminine, like maybe kittens.” The HouseGuests decide to name the “little one” Cowboy; the “ugly” one is christened Monica and the scruffy, hairy arachnid is called “Bunky, (because he) is the hairiest.” Marcellas decrees that “the pretty one can be Lisa.” Although Marcellas thinks the arachnids are “gross,” he does give them credit for being “beautiful in this weird way,” not that he would want to take one out and hold it anytime soon.

There is trouble afoot in the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS house as anti-S-6 sentiment bubbles to the surface. Will holds council in the hot tub with Erika and Jase. Erika admits she likes S-6 and “could align herself with them,” but feels she would be the odd (wo)man out eventually, so needs to align herself with the Chilltown boys for her own survival. George joins the group soon after, and a strange alliance begins to take form in the bubbling soup of Will’s tub. “No matter what,” Will says, “S-6 has to go.”

Howie decides to take a shower in the HoH bathroom while Kaysar chills out in bed with his earphones on. Much to his chagrin, Howie realizes that he has forgotten his towel, and after many unanswered calls for help, does the dash out of the shower in nothing but his birthday suit. America is treated to more of Howie than we’ve ever seen before or likely will again.

Diane reveals that she came to BIG BROTHER this year because she “needed an outlet for her life” and has been feeling like she’s been letting her family down lately. She tearfully reflects on the fact that she is living her life day to day, but may have to return home as she is running out of luck and money. Nakomis has been spending her free time experimenting with different hair colors, possibly trying to find her eviction-proof superhero-hue. “Nakomis dyed her hair and she looked like a hot mess,” Marcellas snipes. Will is intrigued and stumped by her color choice, greeting her with, “Whoa, it’s on fire!” Nakomis knows it is hard for people to get to know her as she is so different from everyone else, but deep down she is cool with herself, and that’s all that counts, right?

Janey and Marcellas entertain themselves late one night by admiring their photographs on the Memory Wall. “We’re a good looking cast. We look like a soap opera!” Janey gushes about their appeal. “A crazy soap opera,” Marcellas corrects her. Deciding to indulge in an impromptu casting session, they assign each of the HouseGuests a character. “Look at Will’s picture, he’s like the evil (manipulator).” Janey points to Erika, casting her as the “sultry brunette.” Marcellas gives Diane “the trashy girl” role, while poor George is cast as the ever-suffering janitor, Mr. Clean. Howie is cast as the “perverted guy in the office who’s always grabbing people’s asses,” and is put in charge of shipping by Marcellas. Marcellas then gives Mike “Boogie” a meaty role as the straight appearing guy who is actually “having a clandestine relationship with (Marcellas).” Janey is cast as “the Ad Executive who used to be a model,” which pleases her ego and gets Marcellas’ creative juices flowing. Insisting on needing a title for their series, Janey comes up with “Radford Place,” which is greeted by excited squeals of “Brilliant!” from Marcellas.

Janelle is miffed by Kaysar’s deal with Chilltown and complains about it to James and Howie. James is momentarily caught by surprise, asking if the deal is, in fact, for real, as he assumes it was a rumor. But Janelle confirms the deal’s existence, and James presses her for more details. “Is Kaysar’s deal to protect him or all of (S-6) from eviction?” Janelle can’t answer him. “Kaysar’s plan is a dumb idea because Boogie and Will don’t keep deals,” he warns. Janelle agrees, adding that “Kaysar is being a complete pansy” by not putting up Chilltown. Janelle warns that if she wins the PoV, she “might just have to change one of Kaysar’s nominations.”

The Veto Competition is announced and players are picked to participate by another random spin of the wheel. Will is the first player to join Kaysar and the nominees, then Erika and James. The players get dressed in golfing attire, before heading outside to the BIG BROTHER golf-course. Mike is impressed with the course, swearing that he “thought (he) was at Pebble Beach.” Nakomis says “I have to get the Veto,” and if she does not, she worries she will be going home.

“Chicken” George announces the Veto Competition. It’s the BIG BROTHER Country Club: All-Stars Golf Classic. One at a time, the players tee off with their oversized golf clubs. Depending on which “zone” their golf balls lands in on the course, the players will either have to add or remove “veto-balls” from their tube. If they land in a “Give” zone, they are able give a veto-ball to another player of their choice. A hole-in-one results in the golfer being able to empty their tube of veto-balls. Each golfer starts with zero veto-balls in their tubes. Once there are seven veto-balls in their tube, each player is eliminated. The winner is the last remaining golfer, or the player with the lowest number of veto-balls in their tubes.

The first golfer to kick off the competition is Nakomis, who putts into the water, adding three veto-balls to her tube. Diane repeats the miss-hit, also getting veto-balls added to her tube. James is next up, putting out of bounds. “Not easy,” he mutters under his breath. Kaysar is next and performs as badly as his housemates. Will also hits off course, adding three balls into his tube. Erika becomes the early leader after her putt stays on course. Everyone repeats their shameful performances until Erika scores again, this time landing in the “Give One” zone. She adds a ball to Nakomis’ tube, which now had seven balls in it, meaning she is eliminated from the competition. By the third round, almost every competitor has seven veto-balls in their tube, except Erika and Kaysar. Erika scores another “Give One” which she uses to eliminate Kaysar and claim the PoV necklace. “I love the fact that I have this power,” she gushes in the Diary Room, while Diane thinks “it just sucks.”

Diane thinks Erika should use the veto to flip the house’s expectations. Nakomis wants her to use the veto to save her, but either way both girls swear to face their fate with heads held high.

Living on “slop” for the past week has almost been too much for some of the HouseGuests to bear, especially on Boogie’s birthday. “The Mike Boogie Birthday Jam” provides plates of sushi and sweet delights that include everyman’s birthday wish, a bikini-clad Erika with birthday greetings written in whipped cream along her thigh. “It was the best whipped cream I have ever had,” Mike smiled excitedly.

“The best part about the (party) was that half the house couldn’t have any of the goodies, only slop.” Will indulged his darker side by gleefully torturing Howie with the treats denied him. As Howie watched the food travel from plate to fork, and fork to Will’s lips, the Hurricane could only breathe in the flavors of the aromatic foods and dream sweet dreams of next week’s new food. Marcellas decides to be less masochistic, and snubs the party, retiring to the backyard. He comments that it is poor form of the others to have a party when he can’t eat the goodies.

Janelle has decided that she doesn’t like Will anymore and tells her allies as much. James walks in reporting that the non-S-6 people are at that moment outside in the hot tub plotting against them. Nakomis and Diane find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place as neither want to campaign against the other. “I feel like I’m in here with Charles Manson and his crew,” Diane cries in the Diary Room. Will rallies the troops, saying that they should call Kaysar down to the hot tub right now and tell him exactly what they think of him. Errand-boy Jase is sent with the summons, which Kaysar answers. Once he is tub-side, Will takes the lead, complaining that the group is unhappy that Diane and Nakomis have been nominated, as they like them both. Kaysar calls Will’s bluff, asking him for alternative nominees; Who would he nominate in their place? Will’s plan to show Kaysar as weak backfires as Kaysar calls him on his attempt “to rally support against S-6.” Realizing he is losing control of the situation, Will makes an attempt at “being the hero,” yelling out that he will go on the block instead. Kaysar laughs and returns upstairs to his alliance where Marcellas insists that it is time to destroy Chilltown. “It is time to weaken your main opponent,” he insists, reminding Kaysar that “(Will) threw down the gauntlet.”

Erika assembles everyone for the Veto Ceremony. She admits that she is still uncertain about using the Veto, and waits until she hears from the two nominees to make her decision. After each girl pleads her case, Erika announces that she is not going to use her PoV to save either one. “I am not here to stir the pot, I’m here to win,” she explains in the Diary Room. As Kaysar smiles in confidence that his master plan is well on track, Janelle looks less convinced. Poor Nakomis is crestfallen, as is her ally Diane. Each appears to believe she will be the HouseGuest to depart in a few days, but who knows? Anything can change on a whim in the BIG BROTHER house.