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12-12-2000, 03:33 PM
Q: Why did you go for two points in this last game when you didn't go for it against San Diego a few weeks back ?
CUNNINGHAM: "It was a different game against a different team, a different offense and we were playing defense very effectively. I felt like we could get in a tie game at that point and that's what we decided to do."

Q: You said you went against your chart on two-point conversions in the Carolina game.
CUNNINGHAM: "It was an eight-point swing and the card (carried by coaches to determine when and when not to go for two points) does not allow for an eight-point swing.

Q: Who's your fullback going to be this week with (FB) Donnell Bennett injured ?
CUNNINGHAM: "Right now I'm not sure yet. We're going to decide that this afternoon. One thing that you can be sure of (RB) Tony Richardson is going to carry the ball."

Q: Why has Denver been able to win six games in a row despite their injuries ?
CUNNINGHAM: "Probably some of it has to do with the schedule. I know they played Cleveland and Cleveland's not very good this year and they've had a couple of other games like that.

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12-12-2000, 03:34 PM
With stuff like this, too bad it never gets on Letterman or Leno.

Bob Dole, where are your Gunther quotes?!<BR>

12-12-2000, 03:37 PM
From NFLScoop:

Gunther points out some his frustration on his rookie defensive backfield that includes safety Greg Wesley and cornerback Pat Dennis. "They're ahead of where I've ever seen rookies at this stage," he said. "It's just that I wish we were further ahead. That's the frustration you go through. I knew I had to live with it but I didn't think it was going to be this tough, to be honest with you. I wish it was 2002 right now or 2001 for that reason."
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Believe me Gunther, I wish you were teleported into the future, any future, and away from here right now...<BR>

Bob Dole
12-12-2000, 03:37 PM
Bob Dole may have to tip a few after work and come up with some more...

12-12-2000, 03:59 PM
I think we should send Gunther lots of Xmas cards showing what he should do in certain game situations... after all he goes by the card right?

This is too funny! He blames the card for his decisions, er, mistakes!!!! http://www.chiefsplanet.com/ubb/biggrin.gif

12-12-2000, 07:37 PM
What about him blaming Denver's wins on an easy schedule?!?

Hmmmm.... let's see, San Francisco, New England, the hapless Chargers... all near the bottom of the league, all teams that beat us.

What a fool.

12-12-2000, 08:18 PM
What about his halftime comments on the radio. I'm not sure if that is really live or if Gretz is playing back the same tape every week.

12-12-2000, 08:52 PM
Q: So the card tells you what to do?
GUNTHER: Damn straight it does.

Q: Do you talk to the card? Do you hear voices?
GUNTHER: Do you think I'm nuts?! I've never heard that card mutter a word, no matter how many times I've pleaded with it.

CARD: Shhhh... I see ex-coaches... Make them go away...

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12-12-2000, 10:39 PM
Chiefs coach Gunther Cunningham absorbed a heated line of questioning Tuesday on his decisions on whether to go for two-point conversions in recent games.

The Chiefs, trailing 14-12 on Nov. 26 at San Diego, kicked the extra point and ended up losing 17-16. Last week against Carolina, after scoring a touchdown that pulled them within 14-12, the Chiefs went for two but failed. They ended up winning 15-12.

Most coaches keep a card on the sideline that tells them when to go for two, based on the math of the game. When down two points, they usually go for two. Cunningham said that went against his card.

Kevin Keitzman of WHB (810 AM), referring to the San Diego game, quoted Chiefs president and general manager Carl Peterson as saying the chart clearly says to go for two when trailing by two.

Cunningham: "I can't comment on what you and Carl talked about. I wasn't there."

Keitzman: "It was on his radio show."

Cunningham: "I don't listen to the radio, I hate to tell you that."

Keitzman: "When you score a touchdown and you pull within two, your chart says go for one and stay down one?"

Cunningham: "It was 14-6, and my thought was on that next touchdown, do we go for two or do we go for one? That was the decision that was talked about with my assistants. At that point, we decided we were going to go for two, no matter what the card said."

Keitzman: "You did go against your card against Carolina?"

Cunningham: "Yeah, we did. Yes. Would you like to take my place and do it? Let's go on to the next question. I can do whatever I want because I'm the head football coach. I think you understand that."

-- Randy Covitz/The Star

12-13-2000, 01:47 AM
This is my personal favorite question:

Q: Why were you so effective running the football this week (against Carolina) ?

CUNNINGHAM: "I think we've worked at it harder. Defensively, one thing I've stressed with them was to play better run defense. I think there were some coaches that came here and some new players that we added to the defense that had a difficult time in adjusting to the way I like to play defense. I think a lot of teams throughout the league start with the idea of stopping the pass first. I've never believed that. I think we've fallen back in our run defense because we've played so many passing teams. But I think the way to stop passing teams is to build a tough run defense then you're able to play the pass with physical aggression. That's the way I've done it throughout my career and it's always been successful."

If he is back next year, and I hope he's not, he better take some classes in public relations and interview interpertation. Does this questions answer make sense to anybody?<P>