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08-14-2006, 08:39 AM
For Sirius Radio subscribers, NFL Radio will be in River Falls today. I believe the coverage starts this afternoon.


08-14-2006, 08:44 AM
12-2 central time, I think Moose Johnston and Gil Brandt will be hosting.


08-14-2006, 11:09 AM
Eddie Kennison on now, talking about Camp Herm is better from player's perspective, says he doen't like the fact the run will be featured more but is OK with that. WR always had to know how to block in this system. Involvement in youth football with KC kids.

08-14-2006, 11:15 AM
Thinks team is just as if not more talented than in the past. Happy with Turley. Thinks he had an excellent game, not a dropoff. Thinks defense will do better.

Says Trent has great work ethic, preperation. Doesn't mind if he's underrated. He called Willie and he texted him back, but didn't say what he said. Hopes he comes back but understands health concerns.

Talking about contract. His approach is not to cheat his teammates or himself by not being in camp. Doesn't want to be bad role model for his wife and kids by letting a financial matter intrude his commitment to his profession or teammates.


08-14-2006, 11:33 AM
Kyle Turley up now. Talked about facing Mario Williams, said he rotates with the TE, so he only saw him a couple of times. Focusing on his own techniques, get a feel for his teammates.

Feels great to be back in the game, a bit jumpy at first referring to the offsides. Feels great. Says overcoming injury is both a mental and physical struggle, but Herm's handling of veterans really helps.

Hopes to achieve personal goals of just making it back first, rest is gravy. Hopes to stay healthy. Shares team goals of successful season.

Not out to change people's minds but to show them he's back and he's done it that right way insted of the bad information he was getting in St. Louis. Unfortunate what happened with Martz and that it should have never gotten to the media. He only defends himself when it gets "out of house".

Likes Solari, ex fellow Aztec. Wanted him out of college.

Say it isn't akward to step in for Willie, he does what he has to and still hopes he comes back. Says coaches like him at LT. Its difficult to switch from LT to RT; like learning to write left handed or throw left handed when you've always done it right. More comfortble at RT but is familiar with switching early in his career. Hand/footwork is just different and takes time to get used to.

Loves being a part of an offense that runs the footbal. Prevents D from teeing off. Says LJ ranks right up there with the backs he's blocked for and is excited about being a part of it.

Talking about the rising rookie contracts. Says he understands and that when he signed a contract he made more from his signature than a veteran earned for the year!


08-14-2006, 11:34 AM
Inteviewers are Vic Carrucci and Gil Brandt

08-14-2006, 11:38 AM
Thanks for the recap. Some good info there.....

08-14-2006, 11:47 AM
Derrick Johnson up now.

Says a little pressure starting as a rookie, but a positive pressure. Lot of things going on, but much more comfortable now.

Speed and athleticism are perfect for Edward's philosophy. Allows LB to flow to the ball more and use instincts. All time turnover causer in NCAA history with 9 in one season.

Says its a technique you have to learn. First secure the tackle which he can do most of the time with one arm which leaves his other hand free to swat at the ball.

Says the second coach in two seasons is a little easier for first year players. Loved Vermeil though. Says Texas/OU is a bigger rivalry than divisional matchups simply because there are three rivals for KC as opposed to the one big game with OU.

Still a little hazing goes on in camp. He sang "Eyes of Texas" last year. Says it was a little embarrasing, that's all. Says combine helped him alot for preparing for NFL.

Says he thinks the team is in a good mindset. Not a lot of plays called in the preseason. Has many "new friends" in Texas asking for tickets when Chiefs go to Texas.

Thinks Vince will be unconventional but successful.

Gil thinks he is a future all pro-pro bowl type plyer.


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08-14-2006, 11:57 AM
Vic asking Gil if there's anyone he doesn't know, seems to know everyone.

Kawika Mitchell says its time to stop building and "be what we should be".

Says speed and aggressiveness are key in system. Thinks this LB corp is just a solid as the Denver corp.

Thinks Herm having more presence with the defense helps. Seems like same old offense to him, doesn't see any major differences.

Excited about LJ's emergence, one of his close friends.

Says new coaching change hardest thing to get used to was the tempo. Attitude wise was easy.

We have to play as one with D, O, and special teams to get to the Super Bowl.

Says he runs fast to get through the grind of training camp. Can't wait to get back to KC. Says not alot of pranks yet, but he plans to see it turned up, rookies have been getting off easy so far this year!

"Wet beds" is a precursor of possible prank.

Says he really hasn't looked at the schedule to pick out an important game or series. Just focused on Bengals.


08-14-2006, 12:15 PM
Tynes and Colquitt up now.

Talking about bond between kickers due to holding responsibilities. FG kicking important because games are so close these days.

Says his third year has made him feel most confident ever (Tynes).

Dustin rubs it in dad's face he was drafted higher than he was. Says dad always chided him with his championship ring. Says its great having veterans there to ease transition into the pro game like Gammon. Says Gammon is so good that you don't hardly have to turn the ball once it get to you.

Dustin says they are the only kicking pair without competition in NFL. Says the trainer does a good job of spacing out kicking reps to avoid wearing out. Lawrence has duties with the special teams kickoff practices though as well.

Lawrence says growing up in Scotland with soccer helped develop his kicking.

Dustin says emphasis is on higher balls which takes away from directional kicking due to speed of returners these days.

Lawrence says he has no problem trying to tackle, played safety in high school, won't just give you the 'ole!

Says gunner role in special teams is becoming more specialized and that leads to fewer return opportunities with higher punts.

Have reverence for past Chiefs placekickers, has met Jan and Nick. Understands there is a tradition of fine placekickers here.

Gil says Jan sandbags at golf to take your money!

Says focus on special teams is there, they have eight team phrases to get ready for a game and three are directly related to special teams, can't divulge them. Team devotes 20-25 minutes a day to ST.


08-14-2006, 12:28 PM
Lional Dalton up now.

Says "lack of defense" talk aggrevates the D but realize they need to work on not giving up the big play.

Edwards brings mental toughness to the team; physical football.

Says it is tough playing in such a tough conference; 10 wins doesn't get you in.

Sorry I had to get the door!

Said not to read too much into preseason game.

Talks about how in training camp you audition for all 32 teams so don't fret if you are losing a numbers game with a particular team.

Talking about the rotation system and how it will benefit especially later in game.

Always feels like he has to prove himself; keep a chip on his shoulder.

Wants to get back to a Super Bowl.

Says this team just needs to find consistancy and great defense to win it all this year.

Says Tamba is funny and enthusiastic. Very vocal on the field; loves to play, has a great spin move and intensity. Compared it to Freeney of the Colts.

Thinks Fox will be a player to watch.

Says the relationship between Gunther and Edwards has helped the defense because there is a more "hands on" feel to the coaching. Says DJ also another player that enjoys the game and is a force on the field.

Says LJ is very physical but they try not to hit him so as to avoid injuring him so he doesn't know exactly the punishment he delivers to opposing defenses.

Really admires the O and thinks the D will help make this a more complete team.

Wants to have some Bronco Burgers for Thankgiving!


08-14-2006, 12:45 PM
Bill Kuharick VP of personell

Says its tough because you only have players for a certain amount of time so you have to play younger players sooner and the team keeps evolving every 3 - 5 years.

O has been great the past few years so D has become the priority in player aquisition. Talks about free agents and draft.

Talking about safeties and the great young ones the Chiefs have now. How the safety position has evolved and how they need to be more than just big hitters with the evolution of the TE and Cover 2 schemes.

Says flexibility in building a program is most important. Starts with what head coach wants to do and then bringing in type of players to fit the system but also incorporating stengths of players who don't necessarily fit that profile. Don't ask them to do what they can't.

Says you have to talk to lots of people when evaluating player, mix in physical attributes, the skill level of the team he played on, etc. Says you got to get a feeling for a player relative to your system, that it almost becomes intrinsic.

Talking about Tony's and Eddie's contracts and how he deals with them while trying not to upset the team. Says Carl has authority on contracts and he can't really speak on them, that's Carl's domain.

Gil says he thinks Chiefs have always been very fair in contract negotiations.

Always looking to upgrade team when they can. Says he's going away from Pro prospects where he specialized back to college evaluation and is excited about it.

Talking about his experience with Jake Delhome and how sometimes it takes some time for a player to develop.


08-14-2006, 12:57 PM
Final Segment with Herman Edwards

Reminicing right now.

Says he is trying to instill this team mentality, loves Vermeil, was a mentor, but you have to have balance in your team to win championships.

Gil says players have positive attitude about him and this team is talented. Talks about being consistant playoff team. Don't beat yourself, ability to win late in the year road gmes, win the ones you're supposed to win. Got to get to the playoffs, it changes your mindset, once you know how to get there.

Says instilling the mindset is important. Discipline is key. Will keep it simple at first and add to gradually. Speed, gap control, flow to football.

When everything breaks down, you got to know where your base is and be able to fall back on it to regroup. Once the D gets their base, the D will improve. The team had a great coach and he understands he's following a good coach. Change is good though. Talking about how do we win the game in 4th quarter. Wants the team to say, "We got a great line, we got a great runner, game over!"

That's all,


08-14-2006, 01:16 PM
Excellent report, thanks!!!