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Hammock Parties
08-14-2006, 08:20 PM

There's a funny bit in there where he and his buddies take the practice field by storm at night. ROFL

Rudy tossed tigger's salad
08-14-2006, 08:29 PM
I like this part

Casey Printers quickly caught my eye as an exciting prospect. It is lame to attribute "great athletic ability" to every black quarterback who comes along. In fact, it seems pretty insulting. But, seriously, this dude throws bullet passes that look scary to catch, and he instinctively moves around the pocket like he is in his own living room.

oh well, nice blog though

Hammock Parties
08-14-2006, 08:30 PM

On the way over, I say to Nathan, "I hope we aren't cramping this guy's style" in reference to the big fella holding down the front end of the bleachers. As we approach the dude in the bright red #68 jersey, he turns to look at us, and hell if it ain't Big Silly himself--Jason Whitlock.

Trent Green is only 20 yards away, and grabs Will Shields around the neck from behind, and points over to Whitlock with a laugh. I can't be sure, but I assume that Green was making fun of Shields for also being #68, because it was obvious he got a big kick out of whatever he said. A fat joke would seem appropriate.

Suddenly, in a shocking display of agility, Jason Whitlock jumps from his seat, clears the bottom bleacher, and tosses his phone to the ground, letting loose a barrage of F* bombs. He was hopping around like the clown he is for an extended period of time, while Nathan and I sat with mouths agape now realizing just how round this fat ass really is. I swear he can't be but like 5'9" tops, making him about as wide as he is tall. He was way more ridiculous and repulsive in person than I could've ever imagined.

He looked at us, phone still laying in the grass mid-conversation, and hollered out, "did you see that thing... he looked right at me!"
We just laughed at his performance, and I said "is somebody still on there," nodding towards the phone. He picked it up, and sure enough somebody sat patiently listening to the big moron spout of at least a half-dozen "motherf*ers" in a matter of seconds.

Whitlock puts phone-to-ear, now pacing about as if he is scared to sit back down, and reveals to the mystery caller that a grasshopper was the catalyst for his hissy fit. Again, he is a big joke. And I mean "BIG". But, despite his 350 pound disadvantage, the small critter one the battle that day.

Hammock Parties
08-14-2006, 08:34 PM
This is great. ROFL

Mason first suggested we sit at the bar. I theorized that he was simply motivated by the close proximity of a stool after walking a mile, so I recommended that we scope out our options first. Nathan and Mason followed me towards the back of the bar, each of us decked out in some form of Chiefs gear like a munch of morons. As we entered walked through a seating area, our wardrobes weren't lost on the large group eating there. The murmering group fell silent as we divided their territory, and they stared at us fearfully. We had interrupted the dinner of the ENTIRE Chiefs secondary, and it seemed as if all 12 of them were collectively holding their breath in fear of what we would do next.

I don't know how we didn't notice it was them until we were amongst them. Seriously, it was a lot of athletic dudes, not a one of them white, lots of black t-shirts, ballcaps, braids, and bling. I made eye contact first with Sammy Knight, and then across the table from him I looked at Greg Wesley. He immediately averted his gaze. We played it cool and strolled back towards the bar. We may be dumbasses, but we know not to interrupt a meal. As they left, I also recognized Patrick Surtain, Julian Battle, and Jerrad Page. Besides that, I was unclear who all was present, but I do know they drank a lot of expensive booze and tipped very well.

So, it was 7pm. The baseball game was starting, the beer was poured, and we were devouring a tasty helping of well-priced cheeseburgers and waffle fries. The game didn't go well, but the drinking did. Apparently, this bar is the place for Kansas City sports media. Adam Teicher was there from the KCStar, D.A. from 610am, and Ronda Moss from the Royals doghouse. Luckily for us Jason Whitlock wasn't present, so there were plenty of waffle fries to go around.

In fact, they are all equally gross in person as Whitlock. Ronda Moss is big and scary, Adam Teicher looks sickly and sad, and D.A. is a big dork who was trying very VERY hard to hook up with this trashy drunk girl next to us. She had holes in her pants, leaned back and forth as she talked, and was touching everything in sight. All signs pointed to skank. We moved on.

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08-14-2006, 09:03 PM
Pretty funny.

That guy would make a great addition to the planet. If there is a comment section...someone who isn't a dumbf@ck should invite him.

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Jason getting taken out by a grasshoper is classic!