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12-17-2000, 03:18 PM
Did anyone really doubt this? Once again, Gunther proves that Shanny is his b*tch. :D

Great game for T-Rich (game ball), as well as the entire OL. Anyone who had doubts Tait's run blocking ability can shake those now. He was perhaps our best blocker today. How about Elvis "wheels" Grbac!? Great game by a "winner".

Defensively, Eric "I was screwed from a PB berth" Hicks dominated again. IMO, Glock played great too. He has played as well as anyone on D the last few weeks. He didn't seem to be the half-asser everyone makes him out to be today. He was waving his hands in the air and banging his head to Kid Rock. Props to Dennis for finally making a play on the 4th down. And Wesley solidified his Chiefs rookie of the year award.

On a lesser note, Lockett was very disappointing. I'm getting tired of our poor ball security. Morris fumbled again too. I have no doubt he'll be great in the future (look at Tony's first two years), but we need to get somebody with some hands to strengthen our receiver core.

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