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12-17-2000, 03:37 PM
I sure as heck hope this game didn't save Kurt Schottenheimer. If we play well next week then we're going to hear about how the defense has gelled and how Kurt did a great job with what he had, then we're going to come back next year and still get shredded by these quick passing teams. I hope Gunther keeps the big picture in mind here with Kurt (and Jimmy Raye, who was lucky we opened up so many holes for the backs today. He didn't win me over with run calls on 3rd and 8 and 3rd and 6)...

12-17-2000, 03:40 PM
Agreed. I think this game was more of a case of bad Denver Offense than good KC defense, although the D did play well against the run.

And the officials called holding & tripping on that vaunted Donkey O-line........

12-17-2000, 04:14 PM
I've got mixed emotions about Kurt and JR. Mainly the biggest gripe I have is their play calling on game day.

On offense, there just isn't a cohesive feeling to the flow of the game. Maybe the most predictable play calling in the NFL. The plays I have no problem with, its the timing and order of the plays I can't stand.

Defensively, we seem to blitz at the worst times, altough we really haven't been screw by the screen pass too much lately. The personell pakages are puzzling as well. Why isn't Chet included at the goal-line? if he gets an offsides it's like a one-inch penalty. Let him explode and make a play.

Stock--I'm not saying a damn thing on his behalf. This guy should have been let go four years ago. Today was a testiment to his coaching inability.

12-17-2000, 05:50 PM
I defense of Kurt's D:
The Chiefs have not allowed a 300 yd pasing game this year (1st time since 1988);
Chiefs run D has become very stout in the past 5 weeks, giving up an avg of 67 ypg. The diff? IMO, MAZ.
Kurt would have had a top 5 D if he would have started Maz and let Dennis play press coverage all year. 80% of our opponents' throws have been right at Pat Dennis and his 15 yd cushion.
Hopes whether KS stays or goes, Maz stays at MLB and Dennis plays press

12-17-2000, 05:56 PM
Cunningham: "I think we have tremendous size and a good, physical football team. I'm most pleased with Kurt (Schottenheimer) and the defense and what they've done since after the San Francisco game. I think we're starting to come around and play the type of defense we're capable of playing. I think the line up front has stayed healthy through all that time with the exception of Dan Williams and that has really helped. The young defensive backs are coming on. Greg Wesley, there's no question about the type of player he is. He had a tremendous couple of hits on the tight end and on (Ed) McCaffrey."